Official Announcement: liveBooks Acquired by WeddingWire

So the story about something happening to liveBooks is true... except it isn't as bad as many feared. It appears they were just absorbed by WeddingWire. We have all the details, but you can rest easy: if you are a liveBooks user, you won't be losing your site.

Here is what we know, straight from liveBooks' Andy Patrick:

To the liveBooks Community:

We are thrilled to announce that liveBooks has been acquired by WeddingWire, Inc., the leading online marketplace for the wedding and events industry. They are an amazing group of people, passionate about being great stewards of the liveBooks brand, and focused on maintaining our leadership role in all aspects of the photography and creative professional industry.

What does this mean for you?

You'll continue to receive the same great service as always. For anyone who experienced frustrations during this recent transition period, our sincere apologies. We'll be working hard over the next few weeks to make the transition as seamless as possible. This week, support staff is in full force and ready to help with for your support questions, custom design and new site enhancements.

liveBooks brand will remain.

We're excited to partner with the WeddingWire team to continue to serve the liveBooks community. The acquisition means more resources will be available for product innovation and we will be sharing the details of these developments in the coming months. We're working to bring you more value as a liveBooks customer.

We appreciate your loyalty over the years and look forward to this exciting next chapter—we're commited to bringing you stellar business solutions to boost your online presence and success.

Keep doing great work and having fun.

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Stefan's picture

Sorry, but LiveBooks have screwed up Fotomoto big time. They acquired the brand, technology and people several months back. Suddenly, from one day to the next, the service stopped working. There is a nice thread about it here:

They have let down paying customers (and continued charging!). I lost any trust in them, forever. Now paying zenfolio, and not finding it too bad. Shame about the time and effort I put into making Fotomoto work on our website. I thought it was a neat idea.