On1 Releases Sneak Peeks of Their Upcoming Amazing New Tools

On1 Photo Raw has changed from being an app that once played catch-up to advanced software with unique features well ahead of the competition. They have released three sneak peek videos of exciting features that are coming soon.

Some innovative developments have come out of the On1 stable lately, and my review of their last software release generated a lot of positive interest, judging by the number of reads it got, comments it generated, and personal emails I received about it.

Usually, six months into its release, On1 offers a free major update to the software, and what they have dangling on the hook this time will be pleasing to those who have invested in the system and maybe a deal-maker for those who are tempted to make the leap.


This tool enables you to compare different edits in history. As your editing progresses, you simply hit the Snapshot button, and that version is saved. On1 will automatically name the snapshot with a date and time, but you can rename it to whatever you want, making it much easier to find if you take several snapshots along the development and editing timeline. You can then return to those points in history to make comparisons or to start editing again from them.

You can read more about the feature here and watch the video above.

Advanced Search

The search feature in On1 Photo Raw will become a lot more powerful too.

Using the CMD or Ctrl + F on the keyboard has always brought up the search function, but with the forthcoming release, there will be a new dialog box with a lot of functionality. This will include letting you save your searches. Additionally, you will be able to search for non-cataloged images, which sets it ahead of Lightroom. Furthermore, all the metadata in the photos will be searchable, and you can filter the results to any criteria from any number of metadata fields.

The search function will be great for finding the images shot on Christmas mornings over a range of years,

The new search function will even allow you to search for a range of variables. So, you could, say, select focal lengths between any two parameters. You could then apply further filters, such as single dates, or date ranges, or common terms like "this week," or even selecting images shot at a particular time of day, such as in the morning. There's also a repeat annually function, great for finding pictures of anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays.

You can read more about the new search functionality by clicking here.

The Non-Destructive Liquefy Tool

The demonstration from On1 shows how useful this function will be for repositioning objects in a picture. The great thing about On1's liquefy tool is that the results are both editable and non-destructive.

There are three versions of this function: the push tool moves objects around in the frame, the bloat tool makes areas bigger, and the pinch tool makes things smaller.

In the video featured on the On1 page, Dan Harlacher shows how the tool works by repositioning a rocky protrusion in a landscape shot and making a surfer appear to be riding a much larger wave. This will be hugely useful for those occasions when the perfect composition isn't possible on camera.

On1 Photo Raw is available as a standalone program with a perpetual license, or there are subscriptions available too.

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