Skylum Releases Its First Luminar AI Update

Skylum Releases Its First Luminar AI Update

Luminar AI post-processing software has been out for a while now and is seeing its first major update. Take a look at what's new.

If you're still confused about AI inclusion in your post-processing workflow, take a look at some of the Luminar AI features we have discussed previously. This should give you a better idea of what this software is all about. But, if you are an existing user, then you'll be interested to hear that Skylum has released its first update for this post processing program.

In Luminar AI 1.0.1 update you will see a more simple and easily accessible Edit panels which contains all of your Edit tools in one place with Essential, Creative, Portrait, and Pro tools color-coded to distinguish them easier. Import interface has been made more intuitive. A "+" icon will allow you to add a folder or a single image.

Furthermore, Enhance tool is now the first tool you see on the Edit list and it is opened by default when you access the Edit panel. Also, when editing, you can use the left and right arrows to cycle through Templates that the software has suggested for you which is something I found lacking when I first tested Luminar AI. It was difficult to go through the suggested Templates unless I was swiping right with my laptop trackpad.

Luminar AI has improved its user interface and now offers localization in French, German, and Japanese. The update also includes fixing over a hundred bugs, for example, macOS users can now use Cmd+Z or Undo in the Erase tool to go back one step instead of removing all previous adjustments. Windows users can now enjoy achieving a more realistic background blend when adding custom objects in PNG format in the Augmented Sky tool. If you want to read more in detail about the update and fixes, you can do it here.

The update is free and macOS users can update by clicking on Luminar AI in the top menu bar and selecting "Check for updates"; Windows users can update by clicking Luminar AI in the light-hand corner, then choose "Help" and "Check for updates."

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I missed a few screenshots when reading an article that describes a user interface.

We, Luminar 4 users, are still waiting for the software update that allows it to read Canon R5 raw files...

How about on the R6 raw files? Does it have the same issues too?

I am afraid so...

With all due respect (actually NO respect), Skylum has (again) dissed its existing customers (this time Luminar 4 owners) to profit off of a newly named version rather than support them by updating what we already own. Thank you, but I will keep my version 4 until someday it stops working. Caveat emptor.

You would think think they would release an update to fix the major problem with Luminar AI... over a minute for the app to open. This issue alone is why I go back and use Luminar 4. I won’t be purchasing any more apps from Skylum. They need to support their customer base with updates to existing software that they said they would. Added a few updated features and changed the UI then selling it as a totally new software program.