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Photographer Posts Picture of Himself and Girlfriend Naked, in Sexual Position on Top of Pyramid, Prompts Investigation by Egyptian Authorities [NSFW]

Photographer Posts Picture of Himself and Girlfriend Naked, in Sexual Position on Top of Pyramid, Prompts Investigation by Egyptian Authorities [NSFW]

Danish photographer Andreas Hvid seems to be in hot water after he and his girlfriend scaled an Egyptian pyramid and took video and pictures of themselves naked and in a sexual position. 

Hvid originally posted a three-minute video that showed him and his girlfriend scaling the Great Pyramid of Giza at night, which ends with a photograph of the two of them in a naked embrace. The video has since been taken down, though the full version of the photo seen in the tweet below still remains on Hvid's website

Egyptian authorities have called the stunt a violation of public morality and have oscillated between condemning it and claiming it's fake, though some have said the video appears to be real and claims of it being faked are likely to draw attention away from poor security at the pyramids, which have come under scrutiny for being neglected in the recent past. 

Hvid is known for posting such work from high atop landmarks, sometimes with nudity. He has expressed that he's "sad that so many people have become so angry," but that he also has received positive feedback from some Egyptian citizens. He added that he and his girlfriend did not engage in any actual sexual acts and that he does not plan to return to the country for fear of consequences. 

Lead image by Nina Aldin Thune, used under Creative Commons.

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I think I speak for everyone when I say, why hasn't the next episode of PTW 4 Behind the Scenes been uploaded to YouTube yet?

Thanks for making me laugh so hard that I probably won't fall asleep for another hour.


I really feel ashamed being danish! This has been in the media the last few days. I have a hard time finding any benifits to do such a thing, beside havesting a lot of coverage by the media and SoMe for the person behind.
Quite stupid and unrespectful against the people of Egypt!

So you're a cuckold? Cool.

It's just a lens. It just happens to be pin sharp, with typical Zeiss contrast and color characteristics, and typical Zeiss build quality.

It’s a setup. They are friends, they didn't have sex.

You don't have to make it a national pride/shame thing... It doesn't matter that he's Danish. And the Egyptians are not these innocent people either. Their veil of strict religion is just a coverup for decadence and sexual exploits.

That may be true of some Egyptians/Muslims but you can't paint any group of people with such a broad brush.

It's idiotic behaviour like this that means we can't have nice things.

I like that photo. It's a strong image. Too bad most people in this world are so stuck up. Let the Egyptian authorities call it a fake.

Of course you're entitled to your opinion about the image, however the world is a better place when foreigners show respect for the customs and laws of places they're visiting. And it's a worse place when we arrogantly and flagrantly disrespect the people whose countries we visit, as occurred here.

It's not something I would do, but it's not something I would be upset about, either. I don't think anything is sacred, but I get the respect thing and it's why I wouldn't have done it myself. But nothing got damaged, no one got hurt. Some people got their oppressive culture slightly bruised. They'll live. And I'm not saying that for all Egyptians either by the way. I'm pretty sure a whole lot of them would like more freedom, but can't have it. (And please, don't think what I mean is that anyone should intervene. I just think that some cultures could afford some liberalization.) Overall, I find the outrage kinda funny.

During a cricket match in Taunton, Somerset, I saw a man taking his clothes off, giving them to his female companion sitting next to him and running across the full length of a cricket field, ie the Somerset County Cricket Ground, to the delight of the cheering spectators.

But try this during a family funeral and see what the reaction is or in front of a cobra snake.

Excellent analogy.

tacky... i hope someone scrubbed the stone.

Well, they say "Art" is allowed anything....
However: the artIST isn't.
Buying a camera/ brush/ hammer and chisel and calling yourself an artist does not in fact place you outside the law.

Stupid assholes!

nice photo even fake.

Stupid acts like this is what gets museums and other historical sites to ban photography for everyone. Millions can go and obey the rules and then a couple of morons break the rules and they ruin it for everyone. No saying it will happen in this case but it very well could.

Stupid is as stupid does.

I was there about 7 yrs ago. That is something to climb this large stones. So for 15 min of fame or shame.....what an ego.

I'm on the fence on this. On the one hand, I don't really care about these two doing this. I thought it was fascinating you could scale up to the top of that thing in the first place, assuming it wasn't faked (I'm looking at this on a phone, can't really tell). Then I think of the extremes people go through to get media attention nowadays and think "WTF"?

Then there's some self proclaimed moralist bitching about this, and others bitching about people doing this in "their" country, and I think "WTF".

It's life folks, lighten up.

WTF! ;-)

It's nothing more than an ambitious media traffic stunt-after all, it worked like a charm for Kim Kardashian.

This picture isn't that good.

Have people got so bored that they have resorted to this kind of radical behavior. Takes self absorbtion to a new level or is this a more warped level of attention seeking. Or maybe just a way of getting publicity. Whatever imo its tacky.

I fucking hate these idiots cause these bitches ruin it for us who wouldn't offend cause it's gonna be that much harder to visit and get that shot without the NSFW cause of this stunt

eL O eL

only Pharaohs are allowed to do that, not you peasants.. this is blasphemy!

He's disrespectful of other people's cultures and should stay home until he grows up.

I have to say, that aestheticly, I am underwhelmed by the photograph. That said, I am enough of an anti-authoritarian rebel to appreciate the idea. I don´t mind a bit of civil disobedience, especially not in a military dictatorship like Egypt.

There are some things that will get you in jail in the Muslim countries, and having sex on top of a landmark is one of them.

Unkown fellows have done shocking things to shock and people get shocked so the fellows are not unkown anymore ? This is just another day on the internets folks, nothing new, nothing unpredictable, nothing interesting. I don't get why people even care to be offended. Also I don't get where this is unrespectful. They didnt burn flags, they just did the most natural thing in a weird place. Where has gone humour ?

What did they expect to happen make sex in public in country 95% Muslims that we see this public sex is disgusting if you really want to do sex in Egypt at least get a hotel room

Speaking from the USA this is just typical western culture being validated by a country who is religiously oppressive. Some people think they have the right to do whatever they want all in the name of freedom. By the way Egypt has some of the oldest Christian sects in history. If people feel that this couple had the right to desecrate a natural wonder then go back and do it again. You won't. And now you have prevented yourself from ever going back. All in the name of 'freedom'. I hear that word alot when it comes to disregarding others in values in western society.

Giving the amount of negative feedbacks he actually showed something and made a point, which many times, is art and the artist intention: bitching for a goddamn photo that does not even affect your culture, when with a high degree of certainty I can say that we all have at least one time in our life disrespected another culture or an entire population. Just any single electronic device you own, most probably was made with Coltan that costed someone else life, but since is far from your goddamn social media screen, it's all fine.
Personally cultures are man made and them all rise and fall. The value is established by human, therefore there is not actual value at all. Otherwise where do you draw the line about respecting cultures? That's bad, but infibulation intolerance is good? But sure can hurt feelings. Lot of things hurt feelings, and feelings are personal. So the hurting should be kept, personal. Don't look at other country cultural problems. Start to look closer and if you really care, know more about the products that you consume every single day. At least one of it, killed someone somewhere.

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