[Pic] Breaking News, Two Leaked Images Of The New Nikon D800

Our friends over at Nikon Rumors just got their hands on images and specs of the new D800. This camera was supposed to come out weeks ago but was put on hold due to the flooding in Thailand. Once again they are saying this thing is going to be 36mp and shoot 1080p video. I am most excited to hear that it is going to have 60FPS video, even if it is only at 720. Head over to NR to read all of the other details.

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36 megapixels, wow. Who needs that?

I do!

Yeah, it might seem like overkill in the megapixel range, but pro's who want/need the capabilities of resolution but don't want to drop $40K+ on a medium format system would be over-joyed if a camera like this lives up to the image quality.  :-)

Looks a bit weird, might just be the pictures scaled up wrong..

Never the less, probably going to be an okay camera :)

yeah looks like it's chopped off. whats with this compact thing nikon has a hard on for??

psh 60fps at 720 is why no one takes these cameras seriously when it comes to video. Sony nex7 shoots 24mega pixels and shoots 60fps at 1080 and you can mount any lens by any maker (nikon and canon included) and its small.  Nikon will always be a nice stills camera but why even bother with their video?

I think people buy Nikon primarily for stills. If they shoot video as well then its always an added bonus, but I think Nikon are putting less effort into their video capability so they can handle better stills imaging. 

The Nex7 is a great camera though.

Every Fstoppers video has been shot on Nikon :) although I do agree they should step it up. 

and you guys rock it! You must admit though, recording video on Nikon isn't the easiest task in the world though unfortunately. 

This will be a great feature for Nikonians, but they will not buy NIkon for the video. I am a Nikon user, but I am not knocking anyone else or brand of camera. It is looking like Nikon strategy is to dedicate one camera for pro-video and one camera, being D4, as pro photos.

Personally, Canon will drive the market of digital video on DSLR for the immediate future. Canon's Digital Cine Camera and Cine Lenses line is bigger news than Nikon's new cameras with the Cine Lenses being the game changer.

BTS's are fine for a nikon. my buddy shoots similar stuff. It's VERY clear where nikon is taking their cameras. Honestly I don't shoot nikon or canon but if I had to pick, I would shoot photos with Nikon. For video I would have to go with canon for lower budget dslr video. Heck even you want Nikon to offer more in video. You can shoot a bts with a GoPro so you can't use the fact that you shoot fstoppers videos with a nikon. I'm sure you guys could do a good job with an Android phone.  BTW 60 fps is annoying to look at unless you are slowing it down for cool slow motion. 24p for me or bust.

How do you guys think that "record" button the top near the shutter release works? 

Up until last week I worked in Jessops (A reasonably large camera sales company in the UK) and I had mixed opinions on the feature from customers. I personally am not a big fan, but it does the job doesn't it? I'm shooting the 300s so it doesn't really affect me though. ;)

It probably works just like it does on the D7000, only it's by the shutter release.  I'm so used to the D7000 flip switch for live view and then record where your thumb is.  Why would they change it to an awkward place like that?  Maybe this is a prototype that won't be made and the real one has it's setup like the D7000.  I pray anyway.  

Here's the pic on the D7000 for anyone that doesn't use one.

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well to be fair, the record button has been different on every single camera.  Over the years I've owned a couple D90, D300s, and D7000 cameras and they all had a different record button.  I think once Nikon puts a system into place that works well it won't change as much.

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I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe, Nikon is trying to use the viewfinder for video? Taking away the need of all external/additional viewfinders?

Hence, you have the record button near the shutter (easily accessible while using the viewfinder) and you have a button to switch between photo/video mode.  Why would there be video/photo mode and a live-view button? Which in the past has separated the features?

Maybe this is the new revolutionary feature Nikon/video?

hmm.. my first impression when looking at these images is that it feels just...weird. some of the setup dont really make sense (like the record button) and also the tilted and squeezed in shutter speed dial.

did anyone else start to think about gladwells book 'blink'? :)

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Blink... as with the fraudulent statue that only a few people immediately discerned was fake? Interesting.

Also... why is the "Nikon" name blacked out on the front shot, but not on the rear (just below the LCD)..?    Opppps! 

My esteemed friends, the images of this camera you are looking at are a complete and utter hoax.

They are fake -- and a close eye to detail in both of the camera body images (front and back) easily gives away all the clues.

"Front of Camera Body" image:  first and foremost, the index finger scroll wheel below the shutter button is tilted up in the image and level with the horizon, yet the camera body is tilted down? not to mention that the place of focus of the image itself is inconsistent, and the horrible "clone tool" photoshop job (combined with crappy blur) around the base of the grip just gives it all away!! but if you needed more examples of the fake-ness of the images . . .

"Back of the Camera Body" image:  in this shot, the most egregious examples of the fake nature of the image are BLATANTLY obvious . . . for starters, look at the plane of focus from the buttons on the right side of the body, all the way down to the "AF-ON" button on the grip - the plane of focus falls off WAY TOO FAST!! and it's not real. Also, the orientation of the camera body is tilting down/forward in the image, where as the attached grip on the bottom of the camera is more level. And to me, the BIGGEST GIVEAWAY that this image is fake?! The command dial on the top of the left side on the camera is in focus, yet the camera strap on the top of the right side of the camera is way out of focus?? They're in the SAME PLANE OF FOCUS!!!

Take a slower, closer look, and you will understand that this is yet another hoax coming from a "Rumor" site. It's not credible, and certainly not worth the energy. Think of all the images you could be creating in the meantime with your perfectly good Nikon or Canon?