[Pics] Gods and Beasts: Striking Portraits From Mongolia

If you had 4 months in Mongolia, would you make the best of it? Well French photographer Remi Chapeaublanc sure as hell did. Check out this magnificent series entitled, "Gods and Beasts".
For the gear geeks:
My french isn't what it use to be but if I read correctly, when not shooting film, Remi's cameras of choice are Minolta Dynax 5D.
Update: Remi tells us he took these shots with a Sony A77 prototype on loan from SONY.

via [Fubiz]
From Kenn:
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Sean Shimmel's picture

Such shadowy captivation. 

Rock'em Sock'em boldness mixed with utterly ethereal beauty.

He shoots with a Sony A77.

Kenn Tam's picture

Where did you find that bit of info Lam?

 On the about page on his site, it says he uses the Minolta. Unless he's not updated his about page recently...

The portrait on his about page was taken with a SOny A900, but it looks like it was taken by someone else.

Hi, I shoot this work with a Sony A77 prototype loaned by SONY

Kenn Tam's picture

Awesome.  Thanks Remi.  And great work.

romain VERNEDE's picture

love this set of photographs!!!
Nice job Remi!

Morten Gimm Kongsfelt's picture

Lovely striking pictures! Nice work!

Go Sony!!!

Your pictures are capture in Raw or Jpeg…Rime?

Bahram Sheripbaevich's picture

Hi, everyone. I'm curious about lightning setup for this photographs. Can anyone explain to me how to get similar effect?! 

I feel sorry for the horse :(