[Pics] NatGeo's Grand-Prize Winner and Honorable Mentions

NatGeo's Winners and Honorable Mentions in the areas of Nature, Places and People are in for this year. Take a look at what has been chosen and let us hear your critiques and praises.

Would you give these shots a winning grade?

Grand Prize and Nature Winner by Shikhei Goh

Honorable Mentions in Nature by Kent Shiraishi

by Angel Fitor

by Marius Coetzee

by Stefano Pesarelli

Viewers'Choice Winner for Nature by dafna ben nun

Places Winner by George Tapan

Honorable Mentions in Places by Felipe Carvalho

by Anuar Patjane

by Alejandra Loreto

by James Vernacotola

Viewers'Choice Winner for Places by Alejandra Loreto

People Winner by Izabelle Nordfjell

Honorable Mentions in People by Lisa Clarke

by George Voulgaropoulos

by Helen Pearson

Viewers'Choice Winner for People by Alessandro Citti

via [NatGeo]
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#11 is sick...i remember seeing that shot as a double truck in a magazine a couple years ago...shot from south jacksonville/ponte vedra, FL, about 120 miles from the Space Shuttle's Launch pad...awesome shot...

James Karinejad's picture

Absolutely love the Nature Photos! Incredible