Polaroid's Socialmatic Will Be Here This Fall

If you haven't heard about the Socialmatic already, let's get you up to speed. A while back there was this crazy idea to make an actual Instagram camera. Something that would not only share your images on the popular service but, allow you to print that same image with the device (like a Polaroid camera). Originally it was just a what-if concept from ADR Studios. Then it got such an incredible following that Polaroid decided to run with it and started talking with Instagram about making this idea happen...and it IS happening.

Up until now we've only had a cursory idea of what the camera would be. Thanks to the reveal at CES 2014, and the new Socialmatic website, we actually have a few solid specs.

The Socialmatic will be Android driven and allow you to post your images to more services than just Instagram. It will house a 14mp sensor in the front, and a 2mp selfie sensor on the back to go with it's 4.5" touchscreen LCD. As for storage, there will be 4gb internal but that will be expandable via microSD. Lastly, we know that it will house Polaroid's ZINK (zero ink) printing technology, allowing it to make 2x3" prints on the fly.

The video above shows the 360 view of the camera, but if you would like more information head over to the Socialmatic website.

Via PetaPixel

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Curious, am I the only one who thinks this social media thing has gotten out of control?

Jayson Carey's picture

Why is that?

Why? The last few years of social media have helped make much of this new generation narcissistic, self-infatuated, proud, boastful, and generally pathetic.

I'm going to stick my neck out here, and go on the record calling this camera Polaroid's next short lived failure.

Brendan James's picture

Dear God, I hope this is a flop.

Oh my God, an actual camera that looks like the icon. Yawn.

I think it's pretty safe to say & assume that this will be as successful as Sony's QX10 / QX100..

RUSS T.'s picture

the idea seems legit enough.It's thin like a smart phone, looks kinda like a smart phone.
BUT competing with the smart phone, might be a bad idea.Or it could be genius.
:) It will be neat to see how this turns out.