Seamlessly Tape Down Multiple Wires at Once With This Gadget

A Seattle-based company has launched an invention that will help photo and video productions teams everywhere save huge amounts of time. Run the GaffGun G20NN0 Tape Applicator over a group of wires, and it can seamlessly tape them to the floor, revolutionizing how we stick loose wires down.

A creation by GaffTech, the GaffGun features the company’s CorelLock tape inside, which they are currently trying to patent. In a motion similar to using a vacuum, the user can secure all loose wires in one motion: 

The large bundle is attached to a plastic core and locked in place, which helps to ensure that it stays centered and supports the movement of the tensioning knob. With only a smooth movement across a group of wires, the tape gun’s funneling system gathers them together seamlessly and then tapes them down.

The GaffGun is lightweight at just 5 kg, despite being made of industry standard materials. Aside from taping, the equipment can be utilized for marking floors. The company developed the Tape Applicator for use with cables, extension cords, ropes and even air hoses.

The GaffGun currently retails online for $219, or $269 for the bundle including different CableGuide sizes.

Watch the video to see the GaffGun in action.

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Martin Van Londen's picture

Yo.. this is like 5 years old and dose not work as advertised.

Ryan Mense's picture

Every few months for the past 5 years this device gets some traction on Reddit and every time the sentiment is the same from people who’ve tried it: looks neat but sucks in practice compared to doing it by hand. Also have fun with your proprietary tape 🙄