A Single Photograph Gets All Foreign Weddings Banned at a Popular Greek Destination

A Single Photograph Gets All Foreign Weddings Banned at a Popular Greek Destination

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As a photographer, there may come a time when you’re handed a request that may seem out of the ordinary. That may have been the case for one photographer who just managed to get all foreign weddings at a popular Greek wedding destination banned.

A photograph recently emerged of a couple at a famous chapel on the Greek island of Rhodes which portrayed the two performing a sex act – something that is certainly frowned upon by the church. While the sex act was merely a simulated one, the result of the image could possibly lead to hundreds of other couples having their wedding plans canceled.

"We are Greek and we cherish our traditions and the sanctity of our religious sites," community leader Giorgos Eleftheriou told The Times: "We cannot allow this disgusting behavior to prevail."

The couple portrayed in the photograph, who may now be facing legal repercussions, later expressed that they hadn’t intended for such a backlash, adding that they figured the simulated act would be good for a laugh.

The image may have been inspired by the work of a professional photographer who is responsible for a similar image that recently went viral. According to online sources, he says he’s already had three requests from couples asking to take a similar picture. While the photographer ultimately could have advised against the rather immature pose, there is a good chance that he’ll gain more attention for this one image than he’d have received otherwise.

What do you think? How would you feel as the person who took this picture, knowing your photograph could have ruined the wedding plans of many others? Is this all just tasteless tomfoolery, or a brilliant marketing plan? 

EDIT: Weddings have not been banned on the entire island of Rhodes, but rather on the monastery property which the image was taken.

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Anonymous's picture

Delted by author. Sorry

Dan Howell's picture

Really? That's the response you want to go with? The person you referred to and quoted in the article is the Bishop of the Island. What is missing from the article is that the location is on the grounds of a monastery. The Bishop has banned foreign weddings at the monastery which he has control over, not the whole island as reported in the article.

I'm the least religious person, but I can easily agree with the stance of this religious leader about the rules of conduct on his actual parish grounds. This conduct would be inappropriate in front of any church or courthouse. But YOU chose to criticize the Bishop. You sound like a real winner.

Anonymous's picture

Apologies for that. I've interpreted "community leader" as a political function and assumed that the photos where taken in a random public area.

dimasa sparrow's picture

It just made my night, my beloved pet was killed by some stray dogs. RIP Tutu and it's just foolishness even though it is simulated, very offensive act wrt. such locations.

David Collins's picture

I truly can not wait for a couple like this and Michel Klooster to go to the Middle East and do this in front of a Mosque.

Deleted Account's picture

Exactly! None would survive!

Lykos Terzis's picture

Why would you like to offend others religion ? Ignorant !

Robert Mariani's picture

This is not a comment of the "act" they are engaged in, but I'm not really understanding why any wedding couple would want this as a photo memory - who is your audience for this photo, your parents, ex-spouse, your future kids?

Jeff McCollough's picture

Because liberals do whatever it takes to be more extreme and push the envelope like unisex bathrooms or inventing a ton of new genders lol.

So, only 'Liberals' get Blow Jobs in public? Get over yourself.

Alex Beckett's picture

Oh get over yourself. I'm a Brit and looking at the guy he looks about as far from the 'liberal elite' as you can get.

Bob Schnell's picture

I had thought this pic was actually taken and distributed by a friend - not the photographer. Sure it's in bad taste, but seriously Greece, calm down. I would think they would want all the tourist dollars they could get.

Anonymous's picture

Really f'ing tacky.

Michael Dougherty's picture

Maybe I'm getting to old. This act is one of selfishness on the part of the man and submissiveness on the part of the woman. Marriage represents love, sharing, and equality. (I'm still a little jealous.)

Jonathan Brady's picture

give and take, man. Maybe that's the part where your age is showing? You've gotta GIVE too.

Even traditional marriage like Solomon and so many Bible types had - polygamy and concubines?
Face it, women are property if you believe the silly myths in the Bible.

Leon Kolenda's picture

He's Sharing, and she's just taking a load off of his mind. LOL! There's Humor everywhere!

All these prude religious people all around the world, always feeling humiliated by something natural someone does, just to feel relevant for a single moment of excitement - I'm so bored of this.

It's a question of respect for the place and what it represents. If people aren't on board with that they should choose another venue. If people think that renting the venue gives them carte blanche to ignore that, well, I guess the monastery just cleared up that misconception.

Jeff McCollough's picture

So someone can do this in your front yard in front of your kids?

Anonymous's picture

"Short of a dedication to god ...." HA! Thanks for the laugh, I just spit my coffee all over my keyboard.

Anonymous's picture

It's important for me to know you think it's ok that I'm not into either credulity or superstition.

Anonymous's picture

The time is given to dispelling superstition. There are no elves, faires, ghosts, unicorns or gods. Your voodoo is your own to cherish, may the non-existent gods bless you. Please just don't be spreading it to credulous adults or children.

Stupidity and ignorance is also natural. Murder is natural, too.
It's so easy and comfortable to be a defying atheist in a civilization built on Judaeo-Christian values. Why don't you go and live your "philosophy" in Congo, Benin, Lesotho or other such "natural" countries? Or find a country that was atheist for at least 100 years.

such a kind, christian attitude...

Seriously? What was unkind and unchristian? The truth? The reality?

It's not even a religious question.

No one can do that in any public grounds: forest, national parks, etc... Not allowed. It's called public indecency.

Anonymous's picture

"Sin is geographical." - Bertrand Russell, philosopher, mathematician, author, Nobel laureate (1872-1970)

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