Supermodel Naomi Campbell Shoots Her Own Magazine Cover With Her Phone

Supermodel Naomi Campbell Shoots Her Own Magazine Cover With Her Phone

A major magazine cover shoot is normally something that takes a ton of people coordinating together, but with the current situation, that just is not possible. That did not stop supermodel Naomi Campbell, however, who shot her own cover photo by herself on her phone. 

Both Essence Magazine and Naomi Campbell turn 50 years old this year, and to celebrate, the magazine wanted to feature her on the cover, but of course, the current situation makes a traditional cover shoot impossible. Undeterred, Campbell forged on, doing her own hair, makeup, and styling and then photographing herself using her iPhone. She called it "a very special honor and unusual experience."

She went on to say that "We are rooted in knowledge and creativity and continue to take back full control of our narratives. We will come out of this stronger than ever." It is certainly some impressive ingenuity, and hopefully, we will see companies find ways to involve other creatives for the time being. 

Image by Wikipedia user Jgro888, used under Creative Commons.

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When professional electricians see wiring jobs done by amateurs they call it "home cooking".

From my phone screen that’s not bad. Not great, but really it’s a 12mp camera so it should have enough resolution for a magazine cover.
My question is how did she do it? Was the camera on a tripod/support?
Did someone else hold it for her?
These are indeed strange times we live in.

phone was on a stand with a ring light, the kit comes with a remote to trigger your phone.
you can see evidence of this in the image where she is turned sideways.

🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Of course, I was wondering what that was. Standard “selfie”/insta set up.