Vanity Fair Mocked for 'Hollywood Issue' Photoshop Fail, Oprah and Witherspoon Have Extra Limbs

Vanity Fair Mocked for 'Hollywood Issue' Photoshop Fail, Oprah and Witherspoon Have Extra Limbs

The latest major Photoshop blunder comes from Vanity Fair, who have unveiled their new issue’s cover complete with Oprah Winfrey having three hands, and Reese Witherspoon sporting three legs.

The publication have just posted the images featuring on the cover and inside spread of their 24th annual Hollywood issue, but despite its A-list roster, they've found it’s garnering attention for all the wrong reasons. For, in one picture, Oprah is seen with one hand on her waist, her other on her lap, and a third wrapped around Reese Withersoon. In another picture, three legs can be counted emerging from Witherspoon’s dress.

Naturally, the errors have become the subject of much ridicule on Twitter. Joking about the photos, shot by Annie Leibovitz, one user wrote: “If you're struggling at work today, just remember that you aren't the person who let photos of Reese Witherspoon with three legs AND Oprah with three hands go to print.”

Witherspoon herself even made light of the mistake, tweeting “'Well...I guess everybody knows now...I have 3 legs. I hope you can still accept me for who I am.”

The publication also went on to reveal they had digitally removed James Franco from the spread, after allegations of sexual misconduct against the actor had emerged.

Lead image by David Torcivia used under Creative Commons.

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Was just looking at this today studying some Vanity Fair tear sheets.. didn't even I have to go back through all my photos to make sure nobody has extra limbs haha

To me, it appears to be her dress fold and shadow versus and extra leg but I haven't seen the photo at a larger size to really see the details. The extra hand is there for sure, no doubt on that one.

I believe you are correct. The Northup's took a look and enlarged the ‘leg’. Seems to be only two, plus dress folds.

Also, I just took a look at the other one with Hanks, Reese, & Winfrey…. No extra hand. Just folds in the garment, shadows, etc.

The crazy part about the extra hand one is that it is a BTS shot. So they were compositing BTS shots as well?! That just seems odd.

Reese's foot is the give away, under the dress.

but why would a photo from the great Annie Leibovitz need to be photoshopped?


Okay, everyone knows these Vanity Fair Hollywood covers have always been composites, right? Everyone knows they've never had all those stars in the same place at one time, right?

Anybody besides me thinks the lighting is unbalanced on this photo? Witherspoon and Kidman seem over exposed and blanched, while the right side of the photo has people sitting in the dark. Is this a new trend, or just a budget camera set up?

First thing I noticed, made me think of the Nightwatch by Rembrandt. He 'lit up' te more prominent people on purpose.

Agree with Alex, the third leg on Reese Witherspoon could be the inside of the dress fold. The third hand one looks like a BTS shot. Could it be perhaps a PA or stylist doing last minute adjustments on her dress? On a shoot that big there is an army of MUA, stylists, and hair people to get the shots just right.

I think even if it really is a dress fold and the extra hand belonged to a stylist, these things should of been fixed or edited out to make the images more appealing and to prevent confusion.