[Video] MyAngryGirlfriend on: How to be a Pro-Photographer

If you don't get sarcasm then this video, from photographer and YouTube poster MyAngryGirlfriend, is not for you. She's been "pissing people off since 1983" and her latest video maybe aimed straight at you. It's a sarcastic take on the DO's and DON'Ts of shooting. Although it's meant to be a humorous guide, you should take it seriously if you find yourself guilty of any of these points.

via [ISO1200] [MyAngryGirlfriend]
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Sai Saelee's picture

Stupid video.  The whole trying to be funny by saying all the wrong stuff is no longer funny anymore. Because basically they all say the same thing.

Daniel Lisbona's picture

 maybe youre stupid

Christopher Hoffmann's picture

 Yes, we've reached the furthest possible limits of sarcasm. No one can ever be sarcastic again. It was so used up in the 2000's.....

Graham Marley's picture

It's kind of a "me-thinks-the-lady-doth-protest-too-much" trend happening all over the internet. We all know there's a ton of crappy photographers out there, and yeah, it's a drag that they get work, but the amount of joking over it is allowing a bunch of lousy photographers to be in on the joke without actually learning anything. 

Eric Fialkowski's picture

At least this one isn't from a photographer, though. I wonder if some of the complaining photographers out there spent more time on their craft/business instead of making fun of others 
(Like the Sh*t fauxtographers say video comes to mind) that they'd be getting more work.

Then again, what do I know, I'm likely lumped in with the "fauxtographers", "Mom's with cameras" (even though I'm a dad,) and GWC's...

Brolin Russell's picture

I personally thought this was hilarious. I have to admit i didn't get it for the first 4 seconds. I said to myself "Wow this chic is soo dum........." "oh wait, she got me. Nevermind i am dumb". Still funny. I love the "vignette the shit out of the photos" part. 

Gary Orona's picture

Good funny video. Thank you for sharing.

To previous negative commentors; lighten up. Life's too short for bitch-fests. 

Good Thoughts- Gary Orona

Eric Fialkowski's picture

Seems like your comment could be applied to this video. Since it is a bitch-fest of sorts...

As boring as the Barbie post!

Daniel Lisbona's picture

 fühlt sich da jemand angesprochen?

Daniel Lisbona's picture

Hey shes right,

Im a Fulltime Photographer and think its funny..
Dont know why you people act so negative...

Lolo (punto) es's picture

She forgot one of the most important things "put a big, big, really big watermark in the middle of your photo" :-D

Daniel Lisbona's picture


Debbie Davies's picture

I always thought P stood for "pro" on a camera not automatic. Just shows what she knows :-)

Shannon Murray's picture

Love the irony of "use your pop up flash", and then she proceeds to smash the s%#$ of the contrast in the video by using a direct fill on herself with no key.

Garrett Graham's picture

Sorry f-stoppers this one coulda been more funny if the person was more funny...meh ;-P

She remembered to mention vignette and forgot to suggest tilting the camera for really artsy fashion shots. Sheeeesh, what a dummy. Obviously, she's is just a fauxtographer.

This is the same chick who posed as the "daughter" in the response video for "Father Shoots Daughter's Laptop" hahahahahahah

hahaha Great! and good points!

Rob LaRosa's picture


Christopher Mims's picture

lame, why is this front page?

Jerry F's picture

This is more relevant for photographers....bathroom models!

Int3nsive's picture

Sarcasm is brilliant. Specially to spot the idiots around there who don't get the joke...and on this case, if they don't get the joke, they are really...really... far away from being a pro photographer.

99% of the time I have the settings on manual. I only leave it on Auto when I turn the camera off, just in case if some UFO appears or something I can take the shoot as fast as I can.. lol (paranoid)

Justin Gill Photo's picture

Boring.  Sarcasm and irony are funny when they're subtle and nuanced (a la Steven Colbert, e.g.)

I'd like to see something a little more substantive out of my photography "water cooler" websites.

Nursultan Tulyakbay's picture

Meh, the "$600 DLSR, kit lens and a copy of photoshop" pro photographer meme has been done to death. She is cute though, and her other videos are kind of funny.