Washington Post Photographer Captures Donald Trump Crossing Out 'Corona' to Write 'Chinese' Virus on Speech

Washington Post Photographer Captures Donald Trump Crossing Out 'Corona' to Write 'Chinese' Virus on Speech

The Washington Post's White House photographer, Jabin Botsford, captured a highly contentious photograph of U.S president, Donald Trump, in the midst of the COVID-19 chaos.

So often photographers play some role in political history, for better or worse. Sometimes those images are momentous, harrowing photographs of war or revolution, and sometimes they're more quiet and subtle. Botsford's image for the Washington Post is closer to the latter of those, though its impact likely far from momentous. The image is likely to become a strong talking point, however.

This week, Trump has come under fire at press conferences for referring to the coronavirus, COVID-19, as the "Chinese virus." Many questions were raised over whether this was racially motivated, with people coming to Trump's defense to say that the virus did indeed originate in China. Many were unconvinced and felt that it was a calculated move by Trump, and Botsford's image certainly points towards that being correct.

The image clearly shows that Trump's notes for his speech yesterday on COVID-19 originally had "Corona virus" written, which he had crossed out with a marker pen and replaced with "Chinese virus." This photograph will likely spark a lively debate on Trump's intention and call into question his motivations for that change. We are yet again shown the power of photography in even the most unlikely of moments.

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I don't need any more evidence to further prove to the world what an idiot he is, even though the awareness is important. What he's doing and more importantly NOT doing is dangerous and self-serving. If you don't agree, then you've not been paying attention.

Seven Trump apologists downvoted you.

Where were you when CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the main stream media were calling it the Chinese virus or the Wuhan flu? Hello? For that matter where was the author of the article? You see you just exposed your hypocrisy. The media was calling it the Chinese virus long before Trump. Just like the Spanish Flu, this one originated in CHINA. Once again Fstoppers shows it's bias and it's ability to write shit articles.

You know the Spanish Flu has two historical origin theories? Kansas and China. Why lie about this? Oh wait...

It's called the Spanish Flu because the Spanish media is who brought it to the worlds attention when all other governments did not.

Just me's picture

The Real name should be CCP virus.
The CCP who allowed such animal to be sold in fresh market despite the 2003 outbreak.
That the CCP who jailed the doctor sending alarming call. (And died later of it)
The CCP who paid the WHO to slow down answers.
The CCP to hide real numbers (and Italy can show how much these CCP numbers where fake)
That the offiial CCP PM who said that the virus have been designed by the USA (And Trump stupid enough to answer it)

Any Chinese supporting CCP is to blame for this one.
(But not all Chinese are CCP lovers)

Dylan Bishop's picture

I disagree and I’m paying plenty of attention. Btw this article shouldn’t be on Fstoppers, obvious click bait.

Brook Brown's picture

And it worked. This seems to be Baggs’ MO lately.

He's just another typical America hater

Well, this should be an interesting thread....

More like very predictable. Have you ever seen or read a fan of any politician saying "Now, this has crossed the line. Now I'm no supporter anymore. I'm changing sides.." That's extremely rare. Changing your opinion or views is for some reason seen as a weakness and not a virtue and sign of intelligence. Especially in the US.

I assume after the PRC propaganda push to blame the USA for the virus this is Trumps way of pushing back.

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Like a 10 year old :)

So playing the blame game is what you call leadership in America?

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Blame game? Listen, dum dum, you do realize where the Wuhan Chinese Virus originated.

Hint: it's in my sentence.

Yeah... the name of the virus is not the "Wuhan Chinese Virus". Yes, it originated in Wuhan (as far as we know), but purposely using the wrong name for the sake of pointing a finger is just inciting further division in a time when we need to come together as a species. Pathogens have points of origin, but beyond that, they know no nationality or ethnicity.

Come on. Be real. He is literally the only leader calling it "Chinese virus" in the whole world. You're completely ignoring that, that's just a minor detail? Don't deny he's purely doing this to blame China for everything now and everything that will undoubtedly go wrong in the US in the coming weeks, when the Corona virus hits harder. His been blaming China and Mexico for everything when he started his first campaign. Dodging responsibility for bad things and stealing credits of good things a full time hobby of his. You know it, we know it. Everybody knows it.

I mean, it serves no purpose whatsoever to call a virus after it's geographical origin, especially when talking to the general public. If you go to the hospital and have a paper that says that you have "the Chinese virus", they don't know sh*t and will have to perform all the tests to see what kind of virus you have.

But facts are not agreeable or disagreeable. There are things we can know for sure, based on a person's well documented actions and statements in the past. And then we have facts of the moment, which are really silly to disagree with. For example, because you disagree with my statement about Trump being the only one calling it "The Chinese Virus", could you copy paste the list of experts, world leaders and other politicians calling the Corona Virus "The Chinese Virus" when officially addressing the public? Or even better, the ones who deliberately used a marker to change their speech when their own department called it "Corona Virus" just like the rest of the world's authorities? And below that, a list of the times when Trump admits making a bad decision or making a mistake, without shifting the blame. Or accepts criticism from a reporter without attacking or shaming them personally or dodging it. We'll wait.

The basis of my opinion is how a man or woman acts and what he says, it's really simple. If a good man says something stupid, I call him out. If a bad man says something good, I support his statement. That's the only intellectually honest way to live by.

Not "I'm gonna attack everyone saying something negative about Trump, no matter how stupid or childish the things Trump said or did are."

Just saw this one pop up, from less than an hour ago, a video of the president addressing the country:

"Reporter: "What do you say to Americans who are watching you right now who are scared?"

Trump: "I say that you're a terrible reporter."

That's some great leadership right there, in a moment where it is very much needed. His ego is obviously hurt, so he finds it more important to get defensive about that particular question than actually addressing the country in a time of need. Or being open with all the information about the threat. Or bringing the public together, warning them to watch out for close family and stay strong.

But I'm sure you'll disagree and claim he replied the best thing any president could say. Or even better: you'll disagree with the fact and the source of the video and call everyone biased.

My hatred for trump? Because I point out how he fails as a president in a desperate time? I don't hate him. He has zero influence on zero things about my daily life. I and many others, just see him as a source of entertainment and amazement, it just keeps coming and coming. A steady stream of wtf moments. What's also entertainment, is people like yourself confirming my point about twisting obvious mistakes made by Trump into either a good thing or downplaying it completely.

"Some people have a difficulty to react in stressful situations". That's your president, who just visibly angry attacked a reporter for a softball question that's been asked everywhere, anytime when a nation wanted reassurance, hope and strength. You put that bar really, really low.

My favorite facts of the last days:

- Trump disbanded the pandemic team in 2018. He denies it now, of course.
- He's the only president to call it the Chinese virus.
- He claimed two drugs being a cure for Corona and being already approved and tested by FDA for Corona. Commissioner Stephen Hahn pointed out, they were not. His face was priceless.
- Trump says he "feels good about it and that he is a smart guy"
- He attacks anyone who makes him "look bad", even though they ask simple, logical questions.

This is golden. This is Monty Python. If it were not a matter of life and death for thousands of citizens. People would be in the streets if a president acted like this in Europe.

David Penner's picture

You are saying he is failing as president during these times? Why is it that even CNN anchors are praising him for how he is handling this? Why are Democrats that were cheering and clapping when they impeached him now saying he is doing a good job?

Also the commissioner didnt say they wouldnt work. He said he wont comment until they get some numbers. Im really thinking some of you guys are only watching the soundbites and not the entire press conference. These reporters know exactly what they are doing. They are asking questions to get a soundbite. They know the majority of people arent watching an hour of trump talking a day. They just need him to slip up once and they get their story.

And again, twisting my words. Where did I say that the commissioner said they did not work? Nowhere. I only said he said they are yet to be approved. He said there is need for trials. You can't just give the public a drug and "see what will happen". Which is completely logical, because that's not how drugs are produced and distributed. But not for Trump, but he said on the matter "It might work, it might not. But people won't die if they try. I'm a smart man". Spoken like a true expert on the matter.

Trump was undoubtedly briefed about this, but yet he decided to go for the message of "We have probably found a cure, we'll see". While they have not. Is that semi lie for the good of the country, the researchers, the victims, the health workers.... or himself? You really see Trump as someone who says things for the good of the country and not himself? After all those years? I mean, any other leader of country would want to be sure about such a thing before bringing it out. But no.

I mean, your intelligence warned Trump for the pandemic in januari. He shrugged it off, some republicans even calling it out for being a hoax set up by democrats - probably the some ones who dumped their stock. Now a couple of weeks later and you have 18.000 known cases. Only a fraction of the actual amount.

Yeah, things are going honorably swell up in Washington.

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I saw the same news conference. Trump once again amazed me by lowering the bar once again. It's all me, me, me, me, me, me, me. There was a photo of him wearing a baseball cap on Facebook the other day. It said, "I don't give a shit about you." That pretty much sums up his presidency and his character.

Did you never see an Obama speech? It was all I I I, until it nosedived Obama was still trying to talk about how the economic growth was his despite the whole "slow growth is the new normal"

Michael Yearout's picture

At least Obama had some dignity. Unlike the racist con man and his family we have in the White House today. He has destroyed our reputation in the world and it will take years to get it back. Once he looses the 2020 election I hope he will be convicted of all his crimes and locked up for good.

Michael Yearout's picture

At last count he has told something on the order of 16,000 lies since he took office. He is a con man and always has been. Worth billions. Ha. He won't release his tax returns. Gee I wonder why?

Michael Yearout's picture

I cannot get over people that ignore his blatant violation of the law, his constant lying, his constant congratulating himself. It is sickening as are his blind followers

David Penner's picture

Watch the whole video and not just the minute long edited video. That reporter was just asking questions for negative sound bites. Not sure if the video you watched had it but he basically said he couldnt guarantee this idea they had would work but it was worth a shot. Trumps response was basically saying lets give people some sort of hope here and not just keep on reporting that everyone is going to die. Just like this article its all about getting clicks and the media is only putting out stories that will get them the most clicks.

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