Wedding Photographer Arrested After Allegedly Having Sex With Guest, Urinating in Public, and Threatening Police

A wedding photographer took more than pictures when she was allegedly discovered having sex with a guest during a wedding in Weatherford, Texas on November 24, 2018. 

Some people are more difficult than others to get to smile, but an Arlington, Texas-based photographer may have gone too far according to a story in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Instead of focusing on the bride and groom, things apparently clicked with wedding photographer Katherine Mehta and another person as she was allegedly discovered having sex at the Springs Events in Weatherford, Texas. It is unknown whether it was a dark room. 

Guests then notified an off-duty Parker County Sheriff's deputy who zoomed in to confront the overexposed photographer. After leaving the room where she was having sex, Mehta walked to a fountain where more problems began to develop. She began to yell, then walked to a tree to urinate before being arrested for placing her "watermark."

Sheriff's deputies placed Mehta in a patrol car, but before arriving at jail, the report says she threatened police officers: “Y’all families will be dead by Christmas, y’alls daughters are dead. My dad is going to find out about this, and y’all are (expletive) dead. D-E-A-D," the report said. 

Newsweek is reporting that a woman who claims to be Mehta's sister says her drink was spiked before she made it to the wedding and that she was defending herself against unwanted advances from two men, and it was her yelling and attempts to get help as well as being ill from the spiked drink that were misconstrued.

Mehta faces charges for public intoxication and obstruction/retaliation. She is free after posting over $10,000 in bail. 

Image courtesy of Parker County Jail.

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Chris Spicks's picture

Article dismisses her side where she said she was given a spiked drink by two men. For a wedding photographer to get that trashed, seems weird to me. Seems someone would have said "we saw her pounding tequila and we kept asking her to shoot".. How does the photog go on that kind of a spiral with no one noticing.

Alex Cooke's picture

In fairness to Thomas, the source where he found the story, linked in this article, says absolutely nothing about a statement from her:

If you point me in the direction of where you saw her statement, I'll update the article immediately.

Alex Cooke's picture

Thanks so much, Tim. I updated the article.

Alex Cooke's picture

Lol!!! The funniest part is that I'm pretty sure this is the first time you and I have actually spoken directly. Quite the conspiracy.

Thomas Campbell's picture

Thanks for the link, Tim. Newsweek posted that article over a dozen hours after I wrote this article. The Star-Telegram article was the only one I found about this story when I wrote it.

As more information comes to light, or if Ms. Mehta wishes to go on the record to tell her side of the story, I would love to follow up with all new information.

Mr Blah's picture

Since you copied the story from only 1 source, maybe you should leave journalism to professionals or verify more than one place for information before putting it up here?

Don't take it the wrong way, writing on Fstoppers is good! But don't confuse this with journalism where they actually check sources before publishing (not talking about rags and shitty papers but actual news outlets).

Alex Cooke's picture

Certainly a fair point and something to keep in mind going forward. And thank you for the compliment!

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davidlovephotog's picture

Everything isn't always black and white. Sure it was more than just some guy getting his print developed from her.

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At the jail, and during a search, a prescription bottle of Alprazolam was found in the pocket of her jacket, the arrest report said. The prescription bottle was in her name. Alprazolam is used to treat anxiety and panic disorders, according to WebMD.

Investigators believe she mixed Alprazolam with alcohol.


Both alcohol and alprazolam work to depress central nervous system functions. In combination, these two drugs work synergistically to dramatically increase the buzz effect normally experienced with alcohol. The euphoric high associated with heavy drinking is likewise increased when under the effects of alprazolam, and users may not be fully aware of the quantity of drugs they consume while under the mutual effect.


Edit: apparently I have to state the bleeding obvious for morons who lack the ability to suspend their emotional response to read clear English.

Nowhere did I justify, or comment upon, the tone or implications of the article.

Mr Blah's picture

Still doesn't warrant the blatant slut shaming in the article.

2 sentences about the actual unlawfull behavior (count them!) and the res is puns about a woman having sex with a stranger.

Deleted Account's picture

Apparently I have to state the bleeding obvious for morons who lack the ability to suspend their emotional response to read clear English.

Nowhere did I justify, or comment upon, the tone or implications of the article.

Mr Blah's picture

Why the insults?

I was actually agreeing with all you said (there is some bad behavior there) but it doesn't warrant slut shaming her in the first place then casually mentioning what is actually of legal importance as an after thought in the article.

Why do you feel so threatened?

Deleted Account's picture

You'll live.

Mr Blah's picture

If I cut your toe off you'll live too but that doesn't mean it's warranted or decent...

What a strange way to behave...

Deleted Account's picture

Let me rephrase in a way your simple mind can comprehend. If you don't want people to immediately assume you are being a contrarian asshole, then don't act like a contrarian asshole.


Mr Blah's picture

Who hurt you so bad in life that you need to talk like this?

Seriously? Get help.

Deleted Account's picture

Did I hurt your feelings? Do you believe that what you say should have no consequence?

And still, nowhere did I say anything about the language, tone, or implications of the author of this article.

You threw in a 'but' that was totally irrelevant to my post, then you complained about the fact you got bitten for it. Typical human, who is unable to accept the fact that you may have some fault for the consequences of your actions; it's always the other person's fault. You are utterly pathetic.

alberto cabrera's picture

Mr. Blah, join the model/photog groups she is a part of on FB, and you will see why. Apparently, she has a rep, and a lot of models and photogs are praising Karma.

Mr Blah's picture

Haaa yes. Because no one ever slanders another on social media therefore it's a great source of unbiased information.

FFS sake...

alberto cabrera's picture

I know her personally, and she had a rep a while back and then she moved. I thought she changed for the better, but it seems she just got better at burning bridges.

Matt Williams's picture

I take xanax too. It is really entirely irrelevant to this slut shaming exploitative garbage.

Deleted Account's picture

Apparently I have to state the bleeding obvious for morons who lack the ability to suspend their emotional response to read clear English.

Nowhere did I justify, or comment upon, the tone or implications of the article.

Johnny Rico's picture

Saw this dribble over on Peta, now why again are you posting this tabloid garbage?

Chris Spicks's picture

We once again cross over the lines of immediately discounting whatever a woman says. Even if she had those Alprazolam in her pocket, I'd like to give benefit of the doubt that an experienced photog would still be keeping track of their alcohol intake WHILE ON THE JOB.. If having the pills and drinking were an issue, I'd assume she'd have more of a record from any given Friday night, rather than 'at work'...

MAYBE she got way too drunk.
MAYBE she was actually slipped something.
MAYBE if you repost the same article that is posted everywhere else, you include both possible scenarios and don't just victim shame.

Gergö Nyirö's picture


Mr Blah's picture

What a fucking useless article, written to slut shame first then actually provide info on WHY she is in legal trouble.

We get to the unlawful actions about 60% in the article. And why the fuck does a deputy "zooms" to the situation when an adult is fucking another one? Really?

Fucking ass backwards place this is...

Yes, she behave unlawfully. But instead of focusing on that, the article takes is sweet time making funny puns and has 2 sentences about her public urination and threats. No mention (as others say) that she pleaded being drugged either.

Fstoppers should be ashamed of copying such sexists articles.

Matt Williams's picture

Awesome slut-shaming, Fstoppers.

Conveniently omitting her side, where she claims she was drugged.

Delete this crap.

David Cannon's picture

Similar to the rest of our world today, there are way too many people here on Fstoppers who are just dead set on being offended and outraged. Chill out, y’all. This article just reported about a story that’s circulating right now that has to do with a photographer. Where is the slut shaming? Again… Chill. Everything is going to be all right.

Mr Blah's picture

"Where is the slut shaming?" If you can't spot it in this article (which is 100% slut shaming for the exception of 2-3 sentences) I pity the women in your life...

liliumva's picture

I've just lost all respect for not only this photographer, but Fstoppers allowing this trash on here without stating all of the facts. What a pathetic piece of drivel to read. Hope you're proud of your literary 'accomplishments' and misogynistic shit spewing.

Lee , Patrick, David... you guys approve of this bullshit being posted on here? I think I'm done with Fstoppers after this.

JetCity Ninja's picture

what facts from the original articles in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and Newsweek are missing from the blog post here?

she was witnessed having sex with a guest, intoxicated, peed on a tree, threatened the cops and in legal possession of xanax. those are the only facts and were listed in the warrant, both news articles, and in the blog post above.

granted, the tone of the blog post is clearly that of someone trying to be snarky and witty with the puns in a rather inappropriate display, but there are no facts left out. her sister's statement isn't "fact" as it's conjecture due to contradicting statements by witnesses and at least one cop.

liliumva's picture

You didn't read it in it's original form where it did NOT list anything about the two men harassing her, groping her, or her drink being spiked. Only after hours of it being up was it edited, and by another staff writer.

In what article has it been written that what her sister mentioned did not happen? Newsweek, Fox, that cheesy rag mag... all state the same thing and nothing about witnesses recounting something different.

This type of crappy journalism doesn't really belong on here. The author obviously lacks the integrity to give out all information, just goes for click-bait titles and filthy commentary.

Thomas Campbell's picture

As previously said, this was written more than a dozen hours before that Newsweek article was printed. I searched extensively for more information when it was written and was not able to find any more details.

As more information comes to light we will update it and I will gladly give Ms. Mehta a chance to voice her side of the store if she so chooses. None of the things you referenced are in the police report nor have they been verified.

Edit: This was written and sent to the editors a good DAY before it was published. I did not have the benefit of other articles besides the police report and the Star-Telegram article at the time of submission.

liliumva's picture

I was going to post a really bitchy reply, but I won't. I'll just mention that there are articles that were published a good DAY before yours that had the entire situation listed.

Deleted Account's picture

Not an article i believe belongs on this website. - just my opinion

michaeljin's picture

Umm... what?

James Qualls's picture

Wow. Just wow. If this were about a male photographer you would all laugh and shake your head. Instead, you people are calling her a shameful slut. I expect trash in the comment section, but this is truly over the line.

Jeremiah Fulbright's picture

Surprised this is making the rounds that it is.. It is an unfortunate turn of events, especially since she has a younger daughter.

Houston Miller's picture

Meet someone you like at a wedding, go back to your home or hotel room and have sex and no one would care.

Have sex during the wedding in a room that you can't secure that opens to the entire venue and that is somewhat noteworthy (I've been to that venue, every room opens to the reception hall.)

Jason Levine's picture

bitches be crazy

Jeff Walsh's picture

Quick question, what does her having sex with someone have to do with anything? I mean, the majority of the article is about her having sex, then as almost an addendum you mention, peeing and yelling. Yet, the only actual crimes she committed, which are questionable due to her side stating she was drugged unwillingly, public drunkenness and obstruction.

Just find it odd that the whole thing focuses on the things that don't really have anything to do with her arrest. If anything, this article should be titled and read as, Wedding Photog Arrested After Drunken Outrage & Public Urination. Then you could've at least taken a more journalistic stance, but hey, as it is with most writers nowadays, low hanging fruit and catchy clickbait titles, along with an incredible lack researched "facts" and a slant of shaming someone really gets all the clicks, so at least you managed that.

JetCity Ninja's picture

what does her having sex with someone have to do with all of this?

quick answer: well, it was the action that began the whole fiasco.

it was this act that was witnessed by another guest, who then sought the off-duty cop working as security for the event to report it. the rest of her actions occurred after this point.

BTW, the blog posts on the main page of fstoppers are all posted by bloggers, not journalists, and not even by the tiniest stretch. they just regurgitate photography related news and youtube videos they believe are relevant.

at least Thomas left out her "Max McIntyre" Instagram account and that she is a self-proclaimed former Miss Texas (she isn't).

Jeff Walsh's picture

I understand that was the trigger of the events, but as I said, over half the written words are about that alone. Also, since this is presented as "news" blogger or whatever, at its foundation it is journalism. Just because the writer does non journalistic writing doesn't mean they're free from reporting facts.

The truth is, the whole thing was nothing but trash clickbait, from title to closing, it was trash. Hell, it wasn't even properly vetted before posting.

Chris Spicks's picture

Honestly, if you took both accounts into conciderstion, the real story here could be that you should really watch who gives you a drink. And that being in public in what you feel is a safe environment could still be extremely dangerous.

super steel_'s picture

half assed article with little info of her side. for shame fs

I actually feel bad for her.

JetCity Ninja's picture

well, she IS a model and photographer...

David Van Tuyl's picture

What a bullshit article... Get it together Fstoppers! Keep this kind of garbage content off of your otherwise awesome website.

JetCity Ninja's picture

i'm betting she spiked a guest's drink with xanax and raped him.

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