Wedding Photographer Arrested After Allegedly Having Sex With Guest, Urinating in Public, and Threatening Police

Wedding Photographer Arrested After Allegedly Having Sex With Guest, Urinating in Public, and Threatening Police

A wedding photographer took more than pictures when she was allegedly discovered having sex with a guest during a wedding in Weatherford, Texas on November 24, 2018. 

Some people are more difficult than others to get to smile, but an Arlington, Texas-based photographer may have gone too far according to a story in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Instead of focusing on the bride and groom, things apparently clicked with wedding photographer Katherine Mehta and another person as she was allegedly discovered having sex at the Springs Events in Weatherford, Texas. It is unknown whether it was a dark room. 

Guests then notified an off-duty Parker County Sheriff's deputy who zoomed in to confront the overexposed photographer. After leaving the room where she was having sex, Mehta walked to a fountain where more problems began to develop. She began to yell, then walked to a tree to urinate before being arrested for placing her "watermark."

Sheriff's deputies placed Mehta in a patrol car, but before arriving at jail, the report says she threatened police officers: “Y’all families will be dead by Christmas, y’alls daughters are dead. My dad is going to find out about this, and y’all are (expletive) dead. D-E-A-D," the report said. 

Newsweek is reporting that a woman who claims to be Mehta's sister says her drink was spiked before she made it to the wedding and that she was defending herself against unwanted advances from two men, and it was her yelling and attempts to get help as well as being ill from the spiked drink that were misconstrued.

Mehta faces charges for public intoxication and obstruction/retaliation. She is free after posting over $10,000 in bail. 

Image courtesy of Parker County Jail.

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I think it is deplorable to cover this story. .Poor judgement on behalf of you guys to publish this. No one should be laughing and making puns at a situation like this even if there is some truth in it.

Was her drink spiked? Was it the Xanax? Is she even a good photog?!
I made a video going deeper into this unsolved mystery...

It seems wrong to make fun of her in the article, then only show her side of the facts in the end. You can do that after the investigation is completed and she's been found guilty. But if she indeed was drugged against her will, it's a very sad story you shouldn't make fun of.


Can you link to those articles, because I couldn't find them while doing a Google search.


I've been through the PetaPixel comments, all 171 of them, and I don't see it there. If you could find a link that would be great to help clear it up.

I saw this posted on one of the photog groups that I'm in on Facebook and it immediately made me sad.

Here's the deal: 1) We don't have the entire story, as many people here have already mentioned. 2) If there isn't more to the story and she was being irresponsible, it's a sad story about someone who made a mistake and clearly needs help and quite possibly ruined her photography career (and more) for the rest of her life.

This is not 'humorous' as it was filed under, but rather just sad. For female photographers, things have gotten better over the past few years, but repeating stories like this certainly doesn't help us. I expect this sort of thing to be posted on Facebook, not Fstoppers.

I'm not judging or trying to be a jerk, just please consider removing it. For everyone's sake.

I don't see why this of interest to anyone but the parties involved. A non-event in the photo world.

Because Fstoppers have turned into clickbait whores as of late.

Political lies have NOTHING to do with photography.
Please stop posting these irrelevant articles.

the puns are priceless

When did having sex in a room become illegal? I'm not condoning her actions if they were voluntary, but having sex in a private room is not illegal. - The article states it was a private room, I believe she was victimized by these men and her drink spiked because they knew she was a model and chose to victimize her.

Sex in a room isn't illegal... but if you're asked to leave the property and you get belligerent with authorities, then that is a different story


Sounds like a promo for a new Netflix show - "Wedding Trashers"

I am surprised that no one here are asking the obvoius questions. Like, all this happened in the middle of a wedding. Nothing took place in a private setting. A lot of guest saw everything that happened. The bride and broom were witness to it. Where is everyone now? Why is the bride silent? This is just drama. So why is this getting so much attention. Also who did she piss off because this story didn't become this viral on its on. Someone has been feeding different media outlets.

The biggest question, why doesn't the story the family shared matches the police report? Not to mention, where was her finesse when all this took place?

Well its obvoius there aren't any party animals here. You all do realize that taking xanax while drinking at a party is a social thing to relax. Once you start doing that to take the edge off, it's kinda hard to stop. Yes, it's a thing that people do.

I had someone try to pull this on me several years ago. Everything seemed to be going ok until the event date was "delayed" and when I went to the venue they listed, There was no such group registered. When I received the check it was drawn on a Canadian bank and had a postal mark from somewhere here in the states, I don't remember where now. The venue issue set off major alarm bells, but when I saw the check drawn on the Canadian bank for a company supposedly from England I put the brakes on. When I informed them via email that I was sending the check back the emails became angrier. Thing is, I'm prior Army so they didn't bother me and I told them they could have my address and come and see me in person if they didn't like it. The emails stopped after that.

The first thing to process in my mind was to stop using so many puns. But then the oversaturation rendered into a nicely dramatic composition.