Are These Photography Techniques Overrated?

Photography is an art full of popular techniques and styles that are used and emulated by millions of photographers worldwide. Are some of those techniques overrated, though? This interesting video examines what one photographer thinks are five of the most overrated photography techniques in use today.

Coming to you from James Popsys, this video features him discussing five common techniques that he personally thinks are highly overrated. Personally, I think golden hour is the most overrated. While it is certainly a valuable time of day that can help create excellent images in many genres, I think we tend to romanticize the look a bit too much, and worse, we pigeonhole ourselves into seeking soft, warm light, perhaps so much so that we don't practice ways to create aesthetically pleasing images in other forms of light, which only reinforces our desire to only shoot during golden hour. I find that when I scroll through Instagram, any image shot in a different light instantly jumps out at me simply by virtue of it being relatively unusual. Check out the video above to hear Popsys' full thoughts. Do you have any techniques you think are overrated? Share them in the comments. 

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michaeljin's picture

The video says "overused" you say "overrated"... Both are value judgments based on what an individual feels is an appropriate amount of use or appropriate level of rating. I think they're fine.

Existence is overrated. Change my mind.

Nyah go for it, can I have your camera when you no longer need it?

Sure. It is a Canon, though.

David Pavlich's picture

It's all subjective. I like long exposures for certain instances. So I guess my liking long exposure cancels out the guy on the video. :-)


Youtube list videos are overused...

Rashad Hurani's picture

Foreground interest is so stupid. Looks like photographers carry along some stones and branches (may be old shoes) just to produce this stupid thing. Still water and composites are next in stupidity; what you can't see in real life is not photography. Photography is the art of freezing a unique scene in space time in a way that provokes emotion (my definition and i don't like other definitions)

michaeljin's picture

You can't actually see something shot at 1/8000 of a second in real life either... The way you see and the way your brain interprets it is fundamentally different from the still image that a camera produces.

" what you can't see in real life is not photography."


Gion-Andri Derungs's picture

You forgot the sarcasm tags!

Justin Roux's picture

Logged into Fstoppers after months of not visiting the website.

"Are they still pushing shitty articles just to increase clicks/views?"

Yes, yes they are.

Liked it. Maybe some folks don't appreciate British humor.

Justin Roux's picture

Hi! Nah, it's not that my brother. A random dude on the internet posts a video about what *HE* considers are over used techniques... then Fstoppers uses that video to "write" and "article" about overrated techniques.
If that is not clickbait for you, I don't know what it is.

I think you misquoting him by saying "overrated" misses the point that he's trying to make in the video. With perhaps a couple of exceptions, he's not saying that these are bad per se. I think his point is more that sometimes we are so obsessed about following some of the fundamentals in photography that we can lose variety. Sometimes, we can't see the shot because we are so blinded by the "rules".

And, on that point, I completely agree with him.