The Importance of Directing the Camera Movement

If you want to have better videos, move the camera, they say. However, there are times when movement doesn't fit at all for a scene. This informative video will teach you the basics of motivated camera movement.

Cutting between scenes is one way of manipulating the audience's attention. Another elegant way is to guide their eyes without interrupting the visual flow of the story which makes the viewers feel more immersed in the film.

Knowing the different types of camera movement is not enough to make you a good filmmaker, but orchestrating the way the camera dances or stands still is the real art form. The guys from Studio Binder have created a video that outlines the different types of movement for those who are just starting out, but it goes a little further showing examples from films that demonstrate what scenes fit those moves. The most important thing is that everything has to submit to the story. Although there are guidelines, there's no general formula if the camera movement has to be subtle or explicit. Taking that decision, you have to be ready to give a well-grounded answer to any movie critic interrogator asking you “why did you shot this scene that way?”

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Excellent video!

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Thank you for sharing!