Stop Thinking and Start Doing Things in Your Photography

Do you ever feel like you are not reaching your potential? Learn why you need to stop thinking and just go out and start doing things.

In this short but inspiring video by photographer Hayden Pedersen, he sheds light on a common problem people face. Someone will have a life-changing idea, but instead of focusing on taking action, they spend too much time speculating on its outcomes. Will this opportunity work out? Will it make any money? What if it doesn't work out? Pedersen shares an experience that he had while attending a networking event where he met a young friend who was chasing their dream and is happy doing it. He asked his friend how they are accomplishing so much in their business. They responded, "stop thinking and just start doing." This video resonated with me because I am constantly flooded with ideas but struggle to bring them to fruition. The next time you have an idea, just go out and do it. Don't think and just do. I can assure you that you will be surprised what you can achieve if you can clear your mind of negativity and speculation and start bringing your visions to life. 

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