Three Common Composition Mistakes and How to Fix Them

The composition in photographs is something that could make or break your photo, and sometimes it’s quite overlooked as well as its importance in photographs. Usually starting off in photography, this is one aspect of shooting that many people overlook. Don’t worry, they are some easy to fixes to keep in mind while shooting.

Sheldon Evans shares three beginner mistakes many of us photographers make and some advice on how to fix them while showing examples from one of his shoots. Don’t worry, beginners are not the only ones who make these mistakes. Now understand at the same time, while the composition is key and there are some guidelines to follow, you don’t necessarily have to stick with them. This is why I refer to them as guidelines instead of rules.

One common aspect of composition is cutting off body parts. There are more desirable places to have the photo cut through the subject's body, but sometimes these things are overlooked while shooting and that photo could be the best one out of your session but technically isn’t ideal. I am guilty of sometimes still going with it and I have seen others as well, some cases it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Art is subjective, but understand the foundations of good composition is still key. Listen to what Sheldon shares in his video and keep it in the back of your head for your next shoot, this advice could help you drastically.

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Good tips!

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When you start the video with over a minute of spam, I lose interest.