What Are the Best Things About Being a Photographer?

There are a lot of downsides to being a photographer: a shrinking industry, companies that do not respect copyright, demanding clients, etc. And while it can be therapeutic to vent about all those things, sometimes, it is also a good idea to take a moment to appreciate all the good things about being a photographer. This great video examines five of the best aspects of the job.

Coming to you from Weekly Imogen, this excellent video discusses some of the best parts about being a photographer. Personally, the thing that got me hooked on photography and keeps me coming back is the simple ability to bring greater appreciation to any single place and moment in time. Life is such a constant onslaught of information and experiences that it can be difficult or even impossible to truly appreciate moments that deserve more attention than we might be able to give them in real-time. Photography gives us a chance to preserve those for later appreciation, both by ourselves and others. Becoming a technically and creatively competent photographer can really bring out all of life's beauty in those moments. 

What is your favorite part about being a photographer? Tell me about it in the comments! 

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Irene Rudnyk's picture

This channel always makes me a bit uncomfortable. It's emphasis is not on education but rather on a model, with suggestive poses and "interesting" clothing choices. It seems to be focused on giving the viewer the experience of the photographer? since they almost never show the photographer behind the camera. It's just strange.

don't get me wrong, I love adding sensual elements into my photography, but i feel very different when i watch this channel.

Jeff McCollough's picture

Same thing. I find their videos boring and exactly what you said about focusing more on the model. I like how you do your videos a lot better.

Felix Wu's picture

Spot on. Lens wide opened, square composisition with model being at the centre, nude, semi nude, implied nude anyway lots of skin showing and natural light seems to be the fomular. I hardly found it educational though.

Jim Cutler's picture

I tend to agree, too.

Bernie Bros's picture

#MeToo comes to Fstoppers....

Terry Waggoner's picture

We all have our opinions on what is acceptable and I don't think this video was intended to be instructional. At least not in the how to kind of way..............That said, the video was a poor attempt at delivering any kind of useable content but that seems to be the norm these days..............

Mike Ditz's picture

But Irene, the title of the article was "best things about being a photographer" and for many people " nude, semi nude, implied nude anyway lots of skin showing and natural light seems to be the formula" is th ebest thing about being a photographer.
This is the first video I have seen from her/them? and there was over 3 minutes of yada yada yada about "Mark" and then Mark showed up...

Alexander Petrenko's picture

Is it possible to list them briefly?

N A's picture

5. 00:56 Immersive activity separate from day to day life
4. 01:53 Collaboration
3. 03:04 Sunsets
2. 04:32 Sharing work, interacting with others
1. 04:58 Creative storytelling
1. 05:40 One to one interaction

The list was initially 5 things. A sixth was added inflight.