What You Need To Check Before You Hit Record

Preparation is quite possibly the most important part of any project. Before starting anything it's extremely important to prepare and this is one of those things that many people including myself tend to forget. We get caught up in the moment or the excitement and due to this mistakes can occur. It's generally the little things that tend to get missed, I hope I'm not the only one that's turned up to a shoot without a battery or SD card. I know I've had my fair share of occasions where I could have put in a little more work into the planning stages. One can, of course, become better at these sorts of things but then one must also put such things into practice. 

D4Darious is a YouTuber that makes what I think are some very interesting and entertaining videos that are extremely helpful. In his latest video, Darious discusses nine things that he does before he presses the record button. This particular video is specific to filmmaking and video related works but I think it's a good reminder to review how we prepare and ensure we're doing everything we can to prevent mistakes. Darious mentions focusing and how he is usually paranoid about it, this resonated with me because I normally shoot with only manual lenses. The first time I forgot to focus was for a shoot with a well-known client and this was enough to make me extremely paranoid about this too. 

Have you made any rookie mistakes like I have, any stories to tell? 

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