Another 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse Photo Round Up

Another 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse Photo Round Up

In case you aren't tired of looking at photos from Monday's incredible solar eclipse, I've put together another list. This time I tried to some find photos that maybe everyone hasn't already seen. The eclipse was not only a spectacular natural event with worldwide attention, it was also one of the most covered events via the photo community itself. Browsing the popular hashtags for the solar eclipse produced results from professionals, amateurs, hobbyists, families, and a ton of everyday people armed with nothing more than a capable cell phone excited to share what they had witnessed.

This round I'm just going to post all the shots in a group without ranking them. I think they are all very well executed and in many cases unique. That is no small feat for something that looks exactly the same in 90% of the photos taken. I actually recognize some of these photographers from around the web. Maybe you do too. Make sure to let them know you saw them on Fstoppers if so.


Jordana Wright

David R. Robinson



Derek Schoppa


Shawna L Reichert Photography

This image seems to have gained enough traction that the photographer was advised to remove the original and replace with a watermarked version. I'm not a huge fan of this advice, but the shot is pretty well done so I'm including it watermark and all. If you'd like to see it without check it out here.

Austin Trigg

Austin actually had two shots making it hard to pick one. Since it's not a ranked list I decided to include both!

Wilkinson Visual

Huy Pham

Jimmy Chin

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Jackson WY 11:38am 8.21.17 #eclipse2017

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Derek Kind

Keith Ladzinski

The next two were actual wedding photos taken during the eclipse. Way to take full advantage of the day.

Nicholas Gore Weddings

Valerie & Co. Photographers

Michael Shainblum Photography

This is a video of the amazing moment the incredible photos including the mountain climber were captured by Ted Hesser, Andrew Studer, and Michael Shainblum.

And last but not least is a cool photo that I'm not even sure is the eclipse. It may be just an artistic representation but I like it.

Lex Z

Just like before, if you have some more good ones to share that you shot or that you have seen feel free to add them in the comments. I hope you enjoyed this list as much as the last one.

People in my area are already talking about the 2024 eclipse. It is supposed to be full totality (a word I've never really heard until this week and now I think we have all heard it about a thousand times) and I hope to be prepared to get something memorable. If not I can always just fall back to making more lists for you guys. Thanks to some of the commenters on the last eclipse article for the tips.

Lead photo used with permission by Wilkinson Visual.

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Josh Bryant's picture

Here's a few of my favorites from what I've had time to process. I am definitely planning on getting a tracker for 2024. I wanted to try and do a timelapse, but since I was manually tracking the sun, I find myself trying to manually crop and align 1500+ photos to put the timelapse together. :(

Allen Denver's picture

Great photos. I capture some of my own. Check them out at