Can You Identify All These Cameras and Lenses? Take Our Quiz to Test You Gear Knowledge

Do you have Gear Acquisition Syndrome? Are you a bit of a camera gear savant? Test your knowledge and let us know how you get on?

Coronavirus is getting the better of me. Well, not the virus per se, but the quarantine. I won't leave the house unless I absolutely have to, but I am going a little stir crazy. One of the telltale signs for me is that I started doing every quiz that popped up on social media. I've discovered that I know too much about cars, too little about television, and if I were an onion, I'd be a Calçot.

It got me thinking though. I bet I could create a pretty difficult photography related quiz. Not one where you find out what kind of strobe you'd be (it's early days in self-isolation, so I can't rule this out for the future,) but rather one that tests your knowledge of contemporary camera gear. So, below is the fruits of my labor in the form of 15 abstract images of cameras or lenses and you have to tell me which it is. Good luck, some of these are tricky.

I hope that killed five minutes for you! How did you do? Do you clearly have GAS, or was this evidence that you don't in fact spend all your time eyeing new gear? Let me know your score in the comment section below. 

Equipment images courtesy of B&H. Photos by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas, Photo by Pixabay, Photo by Katarzyna Modrzejewska, and Photo by Shivkumar Dharmoji from Pexels.

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Tony Clark's picture

7/15, I will be listing all my gear on eBay shortly or should I donate it and get a tax credit?

Deleted Account's picture

If you already expensed it in your business, you do not get a charitable deduction. No double dipping. One expense only. Too bad!

sam dasso's picture

Same score for me. That is what I get for shooting SONY only for last 10 years.

Gabriele Zanon's picture

"YOU GOT 12 OUT OF 15 CORRECT".. sure someone can make 15/15 :p

J. W.'s picture

I did all right. Some were just lucky guesses.

Stephen Kampff's picture


Thomas McTear's picture

10 out of 15, sadly I am not the fount of all knowledge :/

Jeremy Strange's picture

11/15, some I should have gotten, and a few lucky guesses as well. Thanks for making that, it was fun!

Ryan Cooper's picture

I got 12/15 but gotta admit, it should have been 11. ;) I know nothing of drones and took a guess and got lucky.

Alex Cooke's picture

Bow down to your king.

Matthew Lacy's picture

"Well. That's impressive."

Ryszard Błogowski's picture

Did you notice the difference between 85 ART and 135 ART or was it a lucky shot?

German Prado's picture

my bad :)