Capture One Pro Webcam Privacy Cover Review: No, Really

Capture One Pro Webcam Privacy Cover Review: No, Really

It’s not often that a product comes by that revolutionizes the way we work and pushes humanity forward. Well anyways, let’s talk about this Capture One Pro webcam cover.

First off, you’re jealous, right? You’re so jealous. Look at this thing. A small piece of black tape is so 2017. Now whenever I’m on my laptop, regardless of what I’m working on, that beautiful Capture One Pro logo is there to comfort me and let me know Hackerman ain’t gettin’ his creeper shots of me to sell on the Dark Web.

Now let’s talk availability. You aren’t going to own one of these. It’s VIP members only. Actually, I stole one of these off an unattended Capture One Pro booth at the Kando 2.0 workshop last week. But that’s not important. I’m special and you’re still so jealous. Look at your face.

After a week of rigorous use, here’s the world-exclusive review of the Capture One Pro webcam cover.

What I Liked

  • Lightweight, weather-resistant plastic. I actually tried to weigh it with my digital kitchen scale but it didn’t register. Or, it’s literally weightless.
  • Unapologetically thin. Incredible. It doesn’t interfere with the magnetic closure of the laptop.
  • Reusable. It took me a couple tries before I got it straight and centered, but it stuck back on every time.
  • Conversation starter. OK, that’s usually because I start it off with “Hey, look at this thing!”
  • Exclusive. I tried finding these online and came up empty-handed. Looks like you common folk are stuck with the boring blank ones or the granddaddy version.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Covers up the green activity light on my MacBook Pro when the webcam window cover is in its closed position.
  • Cover piece falls off easily when sliding the window open.
  • Uses an adhesive to attach, which I’ll probably regret later.

In the end, yeah I’ll probably keep using it until the joke isn’t funny to me anymore. But most importantly, you’re jealous.

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Kaden Classen's picture

"But most importantly, you're jealous."


Mark Alameel's picture

I've seen many of these around but with different logos like AT&T or American Airlines... Some even have an opening for the "status/activity" light. Usually they're like $.50 or so. AlI I need now is a laptop. :D

Alexander Petrenko's picture

I'd love to have Capture One aluminium foil hat.

ron fya's picture

You didn't get it. It's a Capture One private spy camera which streams the feed only to them so they can gather leverage on future users for price increase. You should destroy it immediately.

Tino C's picture

Is it outright purchase or subscription?

olivier borgognon's picture

Where do you live, I must now steal this off you ! Ryan Mense :D LMFAO.

David Penner's picture

If someone wants to watch me masturbate they can go right ahead.

Deleted Account's picture

Someone told me the show only lasted a few seconds and the camera must have been really far away. :-/

Eric Doggett's picture

Just checked and it looks like this privacy cover isn't compatible with the Fuji GFX. That sucks. Does anyone know if they will offer support for it in the future?

Michael Moon's picture

When did Rick Astley start writing for FStoppers?

JetCity Ninja's picture

"In the end, yeah I’ll probably keep using it until the joke isn’t funny to me anymore. But most importantly, you’re jealous."

i bet you're the life of every party you're forced to crash.

Alex Harris's picture

Err, is the article a joke? Seriously - jealous of that? Just stick a plaster/band aid over it!

Ryan Mense's picture

You sound jealous.