Icelandic Tour Guide Goes On Hilarious Rant About Photographers

This week we released episode 4 of our behind the scenes series that covers our travel around the world. Siggy, our photography guide in Iceland, has become everyones favorite character in these videos and at the end of episode 4 he goes on a rant that is so hilarious that we decided it deserved its own video. 

Siggy begins by warning us that he is not talking about us. We, apparently, are "cool" photographers. But he does have some things to say about "other photographers."

Siggy rants: "They are like a weird bunch of nerds. They are so strange. They only talk about photography, nothing else! Actually, one of the things that has always amazed me is how long it takes a photographer to take one picture. I just run out of the car and take a snap shot and they can stand there for hours before they even figure out HOW to take the picture. They are messing with buttons and I suspect they have never properly learned to operate the camera. And they are so focused on these damn ice cubes floating on the black sand beach, you can't imagine."

Anyone who is dating or married to a photographer can relate to Siggy's views. My girlfriend hates when I get around my photography buddies and start talking about gear.

If you find yourself in Iceland I honestly can't recommend Siggy enough. He is so much fun to be around and he knows every single incredible location in Iceland. Just remember, he doesn't want to hear about the specs of your new camera. 

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Bill Peppas's picture

Hey Siggy, have I told you about my new camera ? :D

Simon Patterson's picture

I enjoyed that - he's a funny guy!

Sean Berry's picture

I would love to see the photos he takes...

Þorkell Sigvaldason's picture

I've heard guides here in Iceland express not so complimentary views on tourists.

Glen Grant's picture

He's right, we do take for ever to take a darn photo.

Felix Hernandez's picture

Ohhh man... this is great!

Dylan Patrick's picture

I'm absolutely hiring this guy one of these days when I go. Epic

Andrew Bee's picture

5 stars, wouldn't want be insulted by just any other tour guide.

Keith Bradshaw's picture

Love this guy

Jason Connel's picture


Austin Burke's picture

Hilarious. I think that was one of the things I loved about the Fstoppers workshop. It was a week to just hang around a weird bunch of nerds and be able to relate to them unlike our friends and family who think we are crazy doing what we do.

Mbutu Namubu's picture

I love Siggy's accent.

In all fairness, he's talking about photo-tourism rather than professional photography. That's an easy mistake to make because we photographers lie to ourselves and others all of the time about the profession.

Ryan Barnes's picture

Just a second, I'm leveling my tripod.

Paulo Macedo's picture

Am I just the only one that leaves the camera at home, after shooting, and then talks about wine, portuguese food, girls and wine again?!
Talking photography with people who doesn't care is boring!

Lee Morris's picture

You're one of those rare photographers with social skills ;)