Listen to This Photography Podcast

Listen to This Photography Podcast

There's no such thing as too many (photography) podcasts.

Podcasting is booming and the number of new podcasts increases each day. I personally listen to at least two or three daily while driving to and from work. If you're like me, you'll find you can't go long without so much as thinking of a camera. What better way to fuel your obsession at home, at the gym, or while driving than with a great photography-related podcast?

Photographer Jordan Craig recently started On Capturing Stories as another personal side project (especially in the creative world, it's always smart to have many). "I began On Capturing Stories as an experiment to learn the steps of putting together a podcast while reconnecting with interesting people I've met," said Craig. The podcast features a ton of helpful information, such as what producers look for, camera setups, recording sound (for all the cinematographers out there), as well as interviews with professional photographers, and more. 

One episode which I found particularly interesting and helpful is episode four, where Craig speaks with agency employee David Conlan on tips for approaching brands. "Dave is very insightful and has helped me understand what brands look for and how to interface with brands in general," said Craig.

Craig looks forward to the future in his latest episode, in which he asks the audience to send in their own suggestions and podcast ideas so he can give listeners what they're hoping to hear. I personally think this is a nice touch to On Capturing Stories because although it's common for podcast hosts to interact with their audience, Craig's genuine interest and intrigue with the "stories behind the images and sounds the public experiences every day" makes one feel like they're on his side of the interviewing table.

Lead image by Jonathan Velasquez via Unsplash.

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Musing Eye's picture

I was expecting a list, so I'll plug for "The Candid Frame" and "On Taking Pictures." Considering how long OTP has been around, I can't help but wonder if "On Capturing Stories" is named in tribute to it.

Hi John, when I named the podcast I was not aware of OTP - will have to check it out!

Rick McEvoy's picture

Thank you for this info. I have subscribed and am looking forward to listening. I have an epic day of grass cutting ahead!

Rick McEvoy

Walid Azami's picture

Always good to find a new voice, thank you.

Chip Kalback's picture

The Candid Frame is awesome!

Also a little shameless self promotion here, but I just started a podcast recently called North (listen at, focused on interviews with creative professionals from all different backgrounds. My guests so far include..

Kyle Decker - Professional ski film maker
Lucas Beaufort - French artist whose work is inspired by his love of skateboarding
Leslie dela Vega - Photo Editor at The New York Times, previously at Rolling Stone, Fast Company, Wired, & more.
Bill Stevenson - Record Producer / Drummer for legendary punk rock bands DESCENDENTS, Black Flag, ALL, and others.

I've also been really digging The Powell Movement as well as How I Built This.

Tim Behuniak's picture

Awesome! I'll give yours a listen. LOVE How I Built This - one of my favorites!

Chip Kalback's picture

Thank you! Yeah How I Built This is great, always surprising to hear how well known companies came to be.