Is My Nikon to Your Canon Like My PC to Your Mac?

Is My Nikon to Your Canon Like My PC to Your Mac?

In my own little blinkered world, Nikon have always made the best camera system and Microsoft the most utilitarian operating system. Do you fall in to that camp?

My earliest computing memories are of typing lines of BASIC code from a magazine in to a Sinclair ZX81. However it was when I went to university that I got my first taste of PC computing, notably an Amstrad 2086 running Windows 2.1. Since then it's been a marriage mostly made in heaven. PCs and Windows did everything I wanted and more. I briefly toyed with a friend's Mac. It looked nice and shiny but always felt a bit like, well, a toy. More importantly it didn't run some of the key software programs I used so at that point it got ditched.

In a not too dissimilar vein, in the digital world I've always been a Nikon shooter. Other than a brief foray in the 1980s with a SureShot AF35M, I've never owned a Canon. Like many students, I started out with a Pentax (P30) before coming back to photography with a Nikon D70.

Now I'll freely admit that I've not shot with a Canon DSLR for more than about ten minutes, but that's because it felt all wrong. Nikon seem to have nailed the ergonomic design so that that my D700 feels like a natural extension of my hand. My fingers rest under the grip, curling in to place, the camera ready. With AutoISO set, I can happily shoot one-handed in aperture-priority, knowing I can use single spot continuous focus, moving the focus point to exactly where it is needed. What can I say? Nikon make the best camera system… for me.

My penchant for shooting Nikon and processing on a PC made me wonder if there were those who shot Canon and processed on a Mac. At the simplest level, that clearly can't be true because there are plenty of other camera manufacturers out there but it made me think, from Fstoppers' wide readership, what camps do people fall in to?

So, limiting it to the big three, here's your chance to have your say! Vote below then leave a comment as to why you shoot on a particular camera system and whether you use a PC or Mac.

Lead image courtesy of Pexels via Pixabay, used under Creative Commons.

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Spy Black's picture

Detonation in 3, 2, ...

R. Derrick Thomas's picture

Wow, that takes me back. I recently moved and came across my Sony Mavica. I don’t have the floppy discs to use in the camera but it was amazing when I used it. Interesting to see how far Sony has come since their Mavica days.

David Arthur's picture

I had always shot Nikon and always thought Canon was way too awkward. Then I got a corporate job and they already had Canon. Now on the rare occasion I use my Nikon it feels so awkward. It's all what you are used to. While I was used to Nikon I am now used to Canon. So my Nikon is for sale and I've switched to Fuji at home. Fuji and Canon are such different form factors that I don't subconsciously get them confused anymore.

Deleted Account's picture

Bored Friday night fight starter?

Harald Schmidt's picture

M43 shooter running a Linux system here... the options in the poll are a bit limited, aren't they?

Jonathan Ferland-Valois's picture

Yay, an other Linux user! What is your distro of choice?

Dennis Billstein's picture

Wow, both Linux users on the same website.

Harald Schmidt's picture

The current Ubuntu LTS... I don't even know from the top of my my head what version that is right now :-) I use Geeqie for the first round of editing, Darktable for RAW conversion, Gimp for retouching and Nik collection with Wine for final touches and b/w conversion. I keep Windows as a dual boot system but haven't really used it in years... I only fire it up if I absolutely have to use Olympus Viewer to get that gorgeous Oly JPEG look from a RAW file.

Jonathan Ferland-Valois's picture

Thanks for your response, I hadn't seen it earlier! And I didn't know about Geeqie, I'll look it up! Thanks!

Andrzej Muzaj's picture

So, now there's two of you guys! :D

JetCity Ninja's picture

since i no longer use or own a nikon, sony or canon, i'll address the question that makes up your post's title: no.

Mihnea Stoian's picture

Nikon vs Canon is like Dell vs Lenovo brands of PC - so close in practice that ppl outside the 2 brands can't tell them apart. Mac would have to be Leica or maybe Fuji, I think.

Jesse Merz's picture

Exactly. I think Mac is like Leica, they are both consistently years behind the competition in terms of everything that actually matters, but they'll always have an intense cult following because of the aesthetic and "coolness". And with that comes a ludicrous price tag way above market value. The only big difference I can think of is that Mac enthusiasts seem to always want the newest release, whereas Leica enthusiasts are always going on about the old lenses being better than new ones.

Vu Nguyen's picture

Apple is so out of touch. $1200 for a MacBook Air with dual core Intel Core M, err... Y series processor and 128 GB of storage. That's insane. Thinking that the average person wants to pay $1K-$1.4K for a phone... Madness...

michaeljin's picture

This has got to be the most random thing I've read on here.

Robert Escue's picture

I shot with Canon and Nikon, as well as Mamiya and Bronica when I was in the Navy. My personal gear has always been Nikons. Shooting with a Canon isn't all that different to me, I just like the ergonomics and glass Nikon has.

I have used PC's and Macs (System 7.5 days) and I prefer a PC. I have used Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, SCO Unix and Linux, out of all of them Windows on a PC gives me most of what I want except an enterprise grade filesystem, fortunately I use FreeNAS to give me ZFS.

Deleted Account's picture

I legitimately don't understand the purpose of this.

Unless you are trying to provoke argument.

I'm absolutely certain that there are a huge number of people who use brands and systems that I don't use, and who are better than me.

Andrew Townsend's picture

I have to agree. The troll here is the author.

RT Simon's picture

The original analogy made between comparing PC vs MAC users was written in a semi-political essay by Umberto Eco with the premise, are PC users more likely to be protestant, and are Mac users mostly Catholic? Eco’s analogy is thought provoking, It is the predecessor of every PC-MAC user-question ever asked.

Your question is provoking a war of brands, with a new spin. Does it really mean anything?
There are so many reasons why photographers choose PC.
-They are generally cheaper.
-You can build your own.
-The type of software one uses might not be running on a MAC (and vice versa)

Mac generally have a better architecture.
Retain greater value.
Are status symbols.
Are well made. (And they do not run Windows)
I think an iPad is incredible tech to use.

As an example, on a higher end PC or MAC, when exporting 25 x 16 bit 40 megabyte TIF files out of Capture One to Photoshop, we all know what matters, which is productivity (versus value.)

I would think many photographers would rather put their money into high end lenses if the productivity of both PC and MAC, performing the same tasks, is the same.

Perhaps you should ask, who uses both?

David Fletcher's picture

I use both PC and MAC and own almost every brand of camera...guess I just don't fit!!!

Carl Murray's picture

Mac vs PC, Canon Vs Nikon. I'm sure the comments section will end up as a complete dumpster fire. But only because Nikon shooters are jealous of good Canon always is.

Steven Pryor's picture

I've shot both Canon and Nikon, many times on the same job. I am a Canon owner, the Nikon is fine, it's just that everything is backwards (zoom ring, light meter, aperture and shutterspeed dials, etc). It just comes down to what tool you need for the job and what you are comfortable with. I've shot on 35mm, 46mm, 70mm, 220, and digital. It doesn't matter, just so that you get the job done.

Bert Nase's picture

Hmm, you can setup the dials in the Nikons to your prefered direction. Zoomring with farest away point to the right (i.e. clockwise) feels natural to me. Like volume knobs that are also going clockwise.

Ivan Lantsov's picture

Is supposed to funny?

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