The Only Hope For The iPhone 7 Is A Battery Case With A Headphone Jack

The Only Hope For The iPhone 7 Is A Battery Case With A Headphone Jack

The iPhone 7 has been announced and the rumors were true; they've removed the headphone jack. Now you'll need an adapter to use your standard headphones. This is probably fine for the majority of iPhone users but it's impractical for me. 

I'm addicted to my iPhone. I use it for both work and play on a daily basis. I film footage with my phone for our behind the scenes series and I also use it at times for professional jobs as well. I have approximately 6 different sets of headphones that I use with my DSLRs while we film that I will also use to listen to music or podcasts with my phone. When I play my digital drum kit at home, I plug my phone into my kit via the headphone jack for music backing. When I get in my car, or a rental car, I use the aux port to play music. The idea that I am going to buy an adapter for each of these devices is ridiculous or the idea that I am going to carry an adapter with me everywhere I go is even more absurd. 

I know that I'm probably not an "average" iPhone user and you may only have one set of headphones that you use but there is one more annoying issue. The flaw with Apple's design is that even if you don't mind using an adapter for your headphones, you can't charge your phone while listening to music at the same time. I would imagine that the majority of people with long commutes like to charge their phones while they pipe music through the aux port in their car. 

Phil Schiller has recently come out and said that if you want to charge and listen to music, you can purchase an iPhone Lightning Dock that is designed to sit on a desk and cost $50. 

Belkin has announced that they are releasing a Lightning splitter which would allow you charge and listen to music via Lightning headphones but if you want to use standard headphones you will need to use a second adapter. This option is also too cumbersome to be taken seriously. 

I've never been satisfied with my iPhone's battery life. Maybe it's fine for 99% of users but I want to be able to use my phone literally all day long without needing to charge. For this reason, I have put a battery case on every single one of my iPhones to double, or sometimes triple, my battery life. 

My current battery case converts the proprietary Lightning connector on the bottom of the phone into a standard micro USB slot. This has saved me from buying extra Lightning cables for all of my computers at home and at the office. Every room in my house already has some device which uses micro USB. 

We already know that it is possible to charge the iPhone 7 and listen to music with the help of Apples dock. I'm praying that one of these battery case manufacturers will include a micro USB for charging and transferring files and a headphone jack for music. 

In a perfect world I want an iPhone that is double the thickness with 2 days of battery life, a headphone jack, a micro USB jack, and a Lightning jack. I seriously doubt that will ever happen though. I've heard some people say that they believe Apple will be forced to back pedal and will include the headphone jack back in the iPhone 7s or 8 but I doubt they will. If you look at their track record, they love proprietary cables and I don't remember them ever doing a complete 180 with their designs. 

I was planning to buy an iPhone 7 but at this point I'm going to wait for a battery case with a headphone jack to be released. A wire-free world sounds awesome, but I use my phone with too many devices to make that a reality today. 

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This is what I don't get, why buy a device that forces you to change the way you want it to be? If people stopped buying the iPhone over this it'd actually force Apple to change tack to actually listen instead of dictate.

There's dozens of phones out there that has similar or better features. The iPhone isn't even a true cordless device. It doesn't even have Qi/Inductive charging that's now been on phones for 5 years. I no longer use USB to charge my phone or transfer files. I create network shares on it which is faster than USB is.

I'm with you. If everyone who liked using a headphone jack simply stopped buying iPhones, Apple would have to change. Sadly that isn't an option forever. I'll happily skip this phone. Maybe I can even skip the next one. But after 3 years my phone is usually on it's last leg. I've certainly considered switching to android but it would be painful. I love my iPhone and I have my whole house setup with apple TV and airplay devices.

Usman Dawood's picture

I think I'm coming to terms with not having a headphone jack especially now that Bose are releasing their QC30. I've done my ranting and complaining, but... I think it might be ok.

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I can't wait 'till people start losing that one earpiece, LOL!

Apple is Apple. They'll do what they want to do because they can get away with it.

-- "why buy a device that forces you to change the way you want it to be?"

On the flipside... why would you let a headphone jack (or lack thereof) dictate which smartphone platform you want to use?

Even if I had the most amazing set of headphones... that wouldn't be enough to make me switch to Android.

I'd use the included 3" dongle on the end of a much longer headphone cable before I'd leave the Apple ecosystem.

I explain in my post that I use too many different accessories to make that a realistic option.

Thanks... but my reply was to the other guy. I even quoted him. :)

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I don't like the adapter option at all and I also think it's stupid as they are forcing people to go wireless with expensive headphones that also need a charger and batteries that won't last forever. But you know you can use just one adapter for all your headphones?

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Hi. I don't think they're forcing you to go wireless you do have two options included in the box. A very small and not at all inconvenient adapter for all your old technology (I don't get all the resistance to such a small adapter piece) and a pair of good quality earbuds with a lighting jack. And I'm sure in the near future there will be more lighting jack options for other headphones. Also apparently the quality/functionality you'll be able to get through the lighting jack will be superior to the old 3.5 jack. It is inconvenient that they didn't also include a splitter in the box like the Belkin one mentioned in the article for listening while charging as I do that every day, but at least there is a solution with the splitter, unfortunate that we have to purchase separately though.

Andrea Re Depaolini's picture

Ok "forcing" may be an inappropriate term, let's say "politely inviting you" :)

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because people have their own factors on deciding what phone to buy? For some it may be the lack of headphone jack. For others, poor battery life. etc etc

Aaron Bratkovics's picture

They have the adapter. I'm sure we will all live.

Andrea Re Depaolini's picture

Well people can live without a smartphone also, it's obviously a first world problem, nonetheless a problem to many

Marius Pettersen's picture

Inductive charging is not possible in a metal body. Apple may add the feature if they bring back the glass back side on the iPhone 8.

Bill Peppas's picture

Apple being Apple.

"We revolutionized the way one removes the mini-jack from a smartphone" :D

First world problems.

Remember when Apple got rid of SCSI ports and parallel ports and floppy disks and introduced this insane USB thing and then they dumped the built in CD drive and yet they're still here. This apocalypse will also pass...

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Took it right out of my mouth. Had to log in to give you a +1. :)

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I don't want to pick a fight, but as you pointed out, you aren't the typical iPhone user. Nearly everyone I see these days are either using the included Apple EarPods or have wireless headphones.

I'm a power user as well, using my iPhone for BTS, invoicing, email, backup VO recording, and music. But the vast majority of people are just using the EarPods or one other headset, athletes have wireless headphones, almost every modern car has bluetooth, and wireless speakers are everywhere. So for every person like you who has every right to be upset at adding more work arounds to your life, there are probably 8-10 people out there who really aren't affected.

I totally agree that there are unique situation where the absence of a headphone jack are going to be extremely inconvenient. I do think though, that the benefits outweigh the frustration, especially if it helped bring waterproofing, stereo speakers and whatever other features they could add into the mix.

So with all due respect, to say that there's only one hope for the iPhone 7, and its a headphone jack battery case, seems a little dramatic to me.

That's a fair take

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Not to mention it does come with a jack adapter in the box that is small and unobtrusive, it just seems to be getting some resistance from some folks.

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Has anyone seen actual reasoning why for Apple, it helped with waterproofing yet other manufacturers have been doing it?

The iPhone 6s is already pretty waterproof. I've seen a few test videos.

Andrea Re Depaolini's picture

Splash proof is different from waterproof and even the new iphone 7 is splash proof, as the Apple warranty will not cover liquid damage. I'm sure if you try to use this phone to do and underwater video of few minutes you will damage it. Splash proof is ok for accidental dropping, though waterproof is another thing

Patrick Hall's picture

I think that's what he is referring to...there are tons of videos showing iPhone 6s phones in cups of water and under the faucet for minutes and still working. It's almost like it was a trial and now a feature in the 7

Andrea Re Depaolini's picture

Yes, I know about the 6S being "accidentally" splash proof, but, and I'm not 100% sure but the new iPhone 7 is only splash proof too as the warranty on the new iPhone 7 don't cover liquid damage

I really don't think the waterproofing was the primary reason. Apple has a history of picking a vision of the future and then executing it....regardless if it is a mainstream vision/desire or not. They saw the world moving to streaming so they 86'd the DVD drive....which was a pain for me for a while. I think the killing off the headphone jack is the same thing.

They also gained internal space...which was probably a much greater benefit than the waterproofing issues.

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I'm not saying that waterproofing is the reason for removing the headphone jack. What I do know is that a headphone jack takes up a ton of real estate on a very smal device. That is now freed up for technology that's probably not a century old.

Travis Alex's picture

Lets call it what it actually is and stop fooling yourself. Its markerting and seeing how far apple can squeeze its user base. Its testing loyality and seeing what the ROI response will be. Why else would they stress it as a "couragous" endevour?

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