The Next Season Of Fstoppers Behind The Scenes Begins Now

It all started last year when Patrick and I flew around the world twice to create Photographing The World with Elia Locardi. We documented our entire three months of travel and edited it all down into 16 behind the scenes episodes. Earlier this year we created a behind the scenes series with Joey Wright covering our Swimwear Photography tutorial. These series have been so popular that we've decided to continue them.

Today we are releasing the very first episode of Mike Kelley's: Where Art Meets Architecture 2 behind the scenes. In this season the Fstoppers crew travels to Los Angeles and The Big Island of Hawaii to photograph luxury homes. 

In this episode we film the first home and the first three lessons of the tutorial. Although this tutorial was created with professionals in mind, the first couple lessons were relatively simple compared to some of the shots Mike is known for. For the bathroom shot Mike used a single strobe outside and the kitchen shot was completely natural light. 


The final shot of the day required time blending, lighting painting, and a sky replacement to create the final look. 

You can learn more about the full tutorial here and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the other six behind the scenes episodes in this series. We plan to release one a week for the next two months. And if you're mad about us picking on In-N-Out Burger, feel free to let us have it in the comments below. 

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Daniel Schenkelberg's picture

if youre looking to dive into motorsports photography holla at me

That would be a killer bts series

Patrick Hall's picture

Omg, we would most definitely die

Daniel Schenkelberg's picture

lets make it happen at my next races

Daniel Schenkelberg's picture

lets put something into the works
I have a couple races coming up

I'd love to read more about motorsport photography/videography! It's a pain to research for information when I started shooting motorsport, it's even worse in "elite" sports like golf & badminton, I had to learn everything on my own.

Vladimir Ambia's picture

Golf is not a sport.

Patrick Hall's picture

I absolutely suck at Golf which to me makes it a sport :)

Bert McLendon's picture

Hilarious! The outtakes from the last one are hysterical. 5:17 was epic. hahaha

The "over here, over there" bit is the greatest blooper of all time.

Bert McLendon's picture

I couldn't stop laughing. =)

Frank Temba's picture

Hey fstoppers am a big fan i love your sound tracks when can i get them ?

Vladimir Ambia's picture

I don't know why Mike persists on using Canon still.

Patrick Hall's picture

I believe it is because they still have the best tilt shift lenses. Image quality at this stage is honestly equal among all camera brands if you buy the $3000-5000 camera. Couple that with Mike's extensive post production work and there really isn't a reason NOT to produce an outstanding photo for your clients.

I don't believe Nikon makes a PC-E 17mm tilt shift lens which is a lens Mike uses a ton. That's probably the main reason he hasn't changed...and well the investment he has in Canon at this point.

Vladimir Ambia's picture

Yeah that's true, he does use that shit all the time.

Gabe Border's picture

Speaking on Camera is Heinous...Looks great guys. I can vouch for Mike's education, the tutorials and workshop in Dubai are the reason I have had any success in this business.

Christian Berens's picture

YES!!! Love FStoppers BTS and I've been looking forward to Mike Kelley pt II

I agree with the automotive/motorsports!

Dale Martin, GF Williams, Jeremy Cliff, Easton Chang, Marcel Bischler, and Richard Thompson, just to name a few suggestions :P

Igor Butskhrikidze's picture

i like your bts videos... keep it up guys!

Cyril Charpin's picture

You made (once again) my lunch time :p
But... this is the (one of the...) uggliest car ever made ! :D