The Final Chapter Of Where Art Meets Architecture 2 Behind The Scenes, Episode 8

It's finally time to wrap up our behind the scenes series of Mike Kelley's Where Art Meets Architecture 2 photography tutorial. In this episode Mike photographs a 12 million dollar house on a cliff in Hawaii, and we wrap up our trip with an incredible swim with wild dolphin. 

Episode 8 begins with our move from one side of the big Island to the other. Hans Klett, an awesome architectural photographer in the area, hooked us up with an amazing home on a cliff that happened to be for sale for 12 million dollars. Hans had actually recently shot the property himself but the client was happy to have even more images taken of the property. 

In the full tutorial Mike takes two images at the property but in the behind the scenes, you only get to see him work on the final twilight shot. As always, Mike used a combination of ambient light and a hot light to produce a compelling shot. He also stitched together two different images using the shift feature of his lens to capture a wider view. 

Our final day in Hawaii we found an ad for snorkeling with wild dolphin. We didn't fully know what to expect but we decided to give it a try. It ended up being an unbelievable experience. We found a pod with literally hundreds of dolphin and we were able to snorkel with them for an hour. 

This entire project was so much fun to work on and if you'd like to learn more about the full tutorial, you can check it out in the Fstoppers Store. If you enjoyed this BTS series I have good news, we are currently finishing up a new tutorial with Mike Kelley that focuses on resort photography and the business of architectural photography. It should come out in the next few months and it will have it's own BTS season as well. 

Thanks for watching!


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Patrick...I run workshops on how to jump barbwire fences. Here in Idaho we do that in -15º one handed while holding falcons on the fist:-).

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Damn Mall Cop stopping your drone flying!