'Photographing the World 3' Behind the Scenes Starts Now

Our newest photography tutorial with Elia Locardi, "Photographing the World 3," was released earlier this week and once again, we filmed a massive behind the scenes series on the creation of this tutorial. This season has 13 episodes and today we are releasing episode 1. 

If you haven't already seen "Photographing the World" 1 and 2 behind the scenes, you may want to start there. Many of the jokes and storylines of this season all started three years ago. But, even if this is the first episode you've seen, I'm sure you will be entertained. 

In PTW 3 BTS Episode 1, Patrick and I pack up our gear to head to Italy. We didn't know where in Italy we were going and we didn't know for how long. Elia had made all of the plans, and apparently, he had made them the day before. 

Our first shooting location was Positano, Italy. This was an incredible, small city carved into the side of the Amalfi coast. Because it was winter, it was the off season which means that the city was relatively empty. The streets were mostly deserted, the majority of the stores were closed, and there was only one working restaurant. I've been to Italy three times now (twice with Elia and Patrick) and there is a running joke that the food in Italy is horrible. Obviously, it's not that simple. I've had great food in Italy, just not very regularly. In the first few BTS episodes, the food is a big theme. If you're offended by Americans searching for hamburgers in Italy, you may want to skip the first few episodes. 

Although the city was pretty empty, Elia's first shooting location certainly wasn't. Elia's favorite shot needed to be taken by the side of the busiest street in the town. We had to battle with cars, scooters, buses, and barking dogs for the duration of the entire lesson. Luckily, with a lot of patience on location and in the editing room, we were able to capture a solid lesson and Elia created a stunning image. In previous tutorials, Elia has relied on third-party plugins to do much of his post-processing work, but in this tutorial Elia is using Lightroom and Photoshop only. 

This BTS season is longer than any we have ever produced before. All 13 episodes are over three hours combined and we will be releasing one episode each week for the next four months. Check back here next week for Episode 2 and subscribe to our YouTube channel for early access to this season. 

If you'd like to learn more about "Photographing The World 3" check out the promo below or head over to the Fstoppers Store

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Blago Hristovski's picture

Can't wait to watch!

I can't believe you were such bad at choosing your restaurants guys. Italy is such a food paradise you wasted with bad choices. More often than not you can guess quite accurately the food quality by looking the frontstote and the other customers ... seems like you failed at this. So please blame yourselves only, not italian food in general. Aside of that, entertaining bts as usual. I liked it. Cheers.

Patrick Hall's picture

I don't understand this argument when there were only like 3 restaurants open in Positano and we ate at them all. How do you justify only one bottle of mustard in the grocery store?

@Patrick, because my argument is about ALL your comments on italian food. Not only in Positano. It begins at 07:12 when you eat sandwiches in the train, and then you eat at a mc donalds somewhere (i guess in Rome) where lee says “I didn’t think we didn’t we’ve had any good food here for less than 50$ a plate” .. then you talk about eating sushis !!! You’re in Italy and you choose to eat mc Donalds and sushis (twice) because you cannot find any good italian food ??! Really ? Then at 07:38 you go to “chef express” on some parking lot. It doesn’t take a genius to guess you won’t experience the best there … and that’s not in Positano either. Only at 11:14 you talk about Positano’s restaurants.
And lastly, 16:11 Giovanni Rana pasta ? For god’s sake Italians don’t eat that ! Bad choices (probably from bad information) all the way. Cook yourself some De Cecco pasta or even the classic Barilla, those are sure proof values you find everywhere.

I will give you a very good tip. Next time you go to Rome, eat at “Le mani in pasta”. For less than 10€ a plate, you will eat the best pasta you will ever find. It’s there https://goo.gl/maps/1jNZWPNV1ds and it’s small so you need a reservation. Still, it’s far from being the only one.

I don’t really like bitching like I am doing here, but you reap what you sow. And that’s why you know it’s not good to bitch like that on anybody. I hope all the comments you got about that here and on youtube served as a reminder. So in all fairness, you deserve this one guys.
Sill, I understand we all walk on some slippery path from time to time … so no hard feelings here. I am sure I will follow the next BTS with pleasure.

Love and appreciation for all the work and the good vibes you give to the community.


Patrick Hall's picture

It's prob best you don't watch the rest of the BTS then...

Christian Santiago's picture

How, in a country known worldwide for it's incredible food, do you guys always manage to eat at the crappiest places 🤔

I ask myself this every time I'm in Italy. BUT! Stay tuned because in future episodes we get amazing food.

Is there a reason that Lee has become such a diva? He complaints are really a big turnoff of the BTS video. You guys are working with an awesome photographer, doesn't he deserve better from the two of you? And please edit out scenes where Lee has food stuck in his beard, that was gross.

Elia certainly does not deserve better ;)

Forget about the food. Why is Patrick not wearing his moon boots? Let's focus on what really matters guys...

Couldn't agree with you more. But if you watch long enough, they will make an appearance.

Patrick Hall's picture

Those boots weigh like 5 pounds each which means I have to wear them on the plane to make weight. Which means I have to wear them always to carry my luggage....I try to bring them when I can

nobody asked for your BS excuses pat

You three are so funny! Two thumbs up. Some folks here desperately need to try ayahuasca with the guidance of a good shaman.

Christian Berens's picture

I definitely thought there would be a BTS showing off of the moon boots when you all were talking about what to prepare for, sadly they're not in this bts (yet???). Don't disappoint me again Patrick! Lee, that should definitely be checklist item #1

next time you'll be in italy let me know! I will help you find best food! ;-)