Random Person Proclaims that His Uncle Prefers Nikon, Photographer Immediately Sells All Canon Gear

Random Person Proclaims that His Uncle Prefers Nikon, Photographer Immediately Sells All Canon Gear

Have you ever been out taking pictures, whether for fun or on a paid gig, only to have someone strike up a conversation about your camera? Turns out, a lot of other people take pictures with professional gear as well! And they all have an opinion about which is best.

On a sunny weekend in July, Parker Anderson was dressed in his best button-up shirt and vest while capturing still images at a modest wedding just outside of St. Louis. Things were going well and Anderson was having a good shoot so far; the bridal party was relaxed and easy going while the light coming through the windows of the church was wonderfully warm and dramatic.

Anderson was his usual smiling self, and welcomed conversation as one of the guests approached him while people were taking their seats.

This guy started asking me about my camera, so I showed it to him. I said, ‘It’s a Canon 5D mark iii. Not the latest model, but it captures a quality image and is a great tool for the job.’

The guy smiles and laughs a little bit, then spends the next two minutes explaining to me how Nikon is superior in every way to Canon, and that his Uncle is a professional landscape photographer. ‘Yeah, my Uncle really knows his stuff, so uh, you should do yourself a favor and look into Nikon. For starters the lenses are way better, the bodies have more resale value, and the color reproduction is so much better since the sensors in them are completely different! I’m pretty sure most pros use Nikon. I mean, I’m sure that your Canon is OK, but I think serious shooters are all using Nikon. My uncle shot film for a long time so he knows what’s up.’

Anderson politely nodded and excused himself as the processional wasn’t too far away from starting. Once in place and with a moment to think, he couldn’t help but feel this tremendous sinking feeling setting in. All of the images he had shot over the last seven years of his career, and the images he was about to capture that very day were going to be garbage.

I lost all motivation at that point, but because I take my work seriously, I started listing my camera gear on craigslist during downtime at the reception that evening. I looked at a few opinion articles online after Google searching 'Nikon better than canon' and according to a bunch of people on the internet I've never met, my 5D was basically a paperweight and the lenses were all junk.

Over the next two weeks, Anderson sold all of his Canon gear for a fraction of what he had paid for it and purchased all new Nikon gear to replace it.

I'm positive that my work is going to be much more professional now that I own this particular brand of equipment. Or at least, people will think I am a professional because of it, without even seeing my work. Perfect!

After reviewing Anderson's latest portfolio images and not seeing anything that was obviously better than before, Anderson told me that, "if you zoom into 400%, you can totally tell the difference!"

Lead image by kaboompics.com, used under Creative Commons.

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Fabricated or not, I am sure we all know that well meaning gentlemen with the good advice. I double as corporate photographer and inadvertently stopped the discussion here a few years ago when I added Canon to my existing Nikon setup, when another department transferred their gear to me. It's been pretty much nice and quiet since. On a note aside, I don't see any substantial difference between the two makes. There are a few details on one that are done better on the other and it all has to do with workflow.

Fritz Asuro's picture

Well he's right, Nikon is better. :)

Jan Kruize's picture

Really nice article. I'm gonna read a banana now.

Tony Northrup's picture

FAKE NEWS. Nobody would say, "I’m pretty sure most pros use Nikon." That wishy-washy sissy would be immediately kicked off the Internet.

If you discuss camera gear you must have EXTREME CONFIDENCE, believe only in absolutes, and condescend anyone who disagrees with you. The correct phrase is, "ALL REAL PROS use NIKON."

I'm serious professional photographer with over 9000 years in profession (counting in rolls of film shot by average photographer before digital era). Recently I've refused 2 brides in shooting their weddings for the simple reason - new iPhone X is still to come and I don't want to compromise their wedding days with my mediocre Nikon gear.

I had one come up to me and after looking at my gear say, "So, don't have the money for a Hassy, huh?"

Chris 'stAn' Hargrave's picture

My wife threatened to leave me if I didn't swap my Canon for Nikon - I did and here we still are happy as can be some 20 years later

Leif Egil Hegdal's picture

If you read camera forums you really get this impression that a lot of people actually think their photographing will improve if they change system or update their camera. It is never a discussion about technique, composition, approach or any other skill that would matter.

I shoot with 1D mark IV and had a guy ask me if I was shooting film, why else would my camera be that big :D

Absence of back/front focus issues or eye focus on some mirrorless cameras may make someone‘s photography better, just my 2 cents :)

Dariano Bisotnik's picture

somewhere I read: Amateurs worry about equipment, Professionals worry about money and Masters worry about light

user-156929's picture

I wish I could vote that up twice! :-)

Nikon is better because DXOMARK says so! :D

Nope. DXO says so because Nikon is better :)

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One day I would like to overhear someone talking to a carpenter, saying, "Yeah, your Stanley hammer is not bad, but you should really be using a Wilton Bash ball peen. That's what all the professional contractors use. It's weight to hit ratio is superior to the Stanley, and they use a special computer assist system to find the best balance. Your cabinets would definitely be better with a Wilton Bash!"

user-156929's picture

That's odd. I push the nails in with my thumb. :-/

Tony Clark's picture

Seriously? Imagine if the guest made fun of his skinny jeans. The way I see it, it's about user interface, the files and how one processes them. What works for you may not work for me and people should stop worrying about what others are doing, using and how many Instagram follower or likes they receive. If that were the case, Brooklyn Beckham would be a master and Patrick Demarchelier would not be considered the worlds top fashion photographer and we all know that he is.

user-156929's picture

?? Never heard of either of them.

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Why choose Nikon when you can shoot with an IPhone X! But seriously this article is hilarious especially because I just sold all my canon gear for Nikon. For me though the turning point was when the priest took out his Nikon with 70-200 lens at a wedding and I realized if The holiest of us are using Nikon I must have been working for the devil.

Glad he sold the CANON gear, cause Nikon is WAY BETTER!!! LOL

I would of told that guy that BJORN BORG can beat ya at tennis with a wooden racket