Top 10 WeeklyFstops: Color

Top 10 WeeklyFstops: Color

This was another awesome showing for our new weekly photo theme with a number of excellent photos submitted. Instagram does such a good job with their simple interface and chronological search results the stand out shot almost jump off the grid. It is great to see so many people participating. I hope you all love the results for the "color" theme as much as I enjoyed putting the list together.

For those just joining in or wondering what the hell we are doing here, let me explain. We are building a weekly photo theme from scratch giving all of you, the Fstoppers readers, a chance to be featured. The best part is you don't need a large following to join in. I believe a user this week had 15 followers. It really doesn't matter what you shoot with either. A good photo is a good photo. Let us dive right into the cornucopia of color shots submitted this week.

Honorable Mentions:

Jen Burnett

Andrew Paul

Travis Coan

Glenn McManus

This Week's Top 10:


The Crooked Porch Photography






Pedro Pulido


Greg Rutland


Mike Schultz


Brian Lackey


Joe Graf


Kristyna Erbenova  

Congrats on being our first two-time selection recipient taking the number five spot on last week's list.



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Elizabeffff tower 🙌

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Fabian's shot not only has a wonderful color palette, it also has solid framing, leading lines, balance, and great dynamic range. Congrats on such a great shot and for being the number one shot for this week's "color" theme.

Be sure to check out all the entries here: #weeklyFstop on Instagram A big thanks to everyone for joining in. Obviously, my opinion is subjective, so if you think I missed some good ones feel free to share them in the comments.

What is This Week's Theme?

For this week's prompt, I'm going to switch up the feel again with a more abstract theme. One way to get to know the person behind the camera is by learning what they hold close to their heart. I want to know what is yours.

  • Your family
  • Your pet
  • Your camera
  • Your car
  • Your happy place
  • Your hometown

Interpret it however you like. Just make it yours.

If I were to pick something I might choose a shot of an old Corona typewriter I inherited from my grandparents. It has always been a cool antique, but now that I am a writer it has more personal meaning.

Titled "Measured in WPM"

The hashtag to use is #weeklyFstop. If you are tagging an old shot that is fine, but please try and keep it to one shot picked for the theme per week.

Here are the previous week's results for anyone who may have missed:

  1. Leading Lines
  2. Bold

Remember, there is no guarantee posting a photo will result in it being featured. If we get going and you fall short, keep shooting and try and learn from the photos that are selected. We can all learn to like our work a little less sometimes in order to grow. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas feel free to contribute in the comments.

While you are dropping your name in the hat, are you all aware of the ongoing Fstoppers Photographer of the Month contest leading up to the Fstoppers Community Photographer of the Year? Alex Cooke covers how to be selected at the bottom of the above post.

Speaking of the Fstoppers community are you part of it? Did you know you can have your own portfolio here with chances to be featured on the homepage as Photo of the Day? If not be sure to check it out. If you already comment then you have an account. If not, use the sign-up button and upload some work!

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Linh Nikon's picture

Beautiful moments, thank for collecting !

Michael B. Stuart's picture

Thank you, glad you liked!

Honoured to be in that list! Thank you!

Michael B. Stuart's picture

You're welcome! Thanks for adding to the theme.

Joshua Kolsky's picture

Damn i messed up. Not much of an instagramer. Had my account set to private so i missed last week. Lesson learned there. Here was my entry if any cares to check it out.

Wow, thank you very much!! :)

Michael B. Stuart's picture

Well deserved Fabian!

Thanks, Fstoppers, for choosing my photo to share with your readers!