Top 10 WeeklyFstop Photos: Frozen

Top 10 WeeklyFstop Photos: Frozen

For this week's list of "frozen," I would recommend gloves or mittens and possibly a nice cup of hot chocolate. Just looking at some of these frigid shots has a tenancy to induce shivering. Wait until you see the winner, I would venture to say the shot was 100 percent meant to land on our list.

Good job to everyone out there bearing the cold and getting some awesome shots. I have chickened out twice now trying to wake up and get out to Niagara Falls for a sunrise. I know it will be cold. It is so much warmer and easier to just stay in bed. But if I do it I will feel accomplished, very alive, and I'm quite sure the pictures would be worth it. OK, enough of my motivational pep talk and let's get into the latest list.

Honorable Mentions

Fadi Dalati

Terri Norris

Bryan Mitchell


This Week's Top 10:


Fabien Guittard


Steve Conroy


Mark Harris

I want to mention that while the themes usually have a fairly literal interpretation that may seem obvious, I enjoy seeing outside-the-box shots as well. The coffee photo included is a great example. The cream being poured into the cup was timed perfectly and effectively froze the scene in an impressive way. Nice work Mark.


Kaden Classen


Lance Saunders



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Happy Holidays 🎄🎄 #weeklyfstopfrozen

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Afonso Pereira


Joe Graf


Shaun Maluga


Will Kerslake

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”Frozen” #weeklyfstopfrozen #icehotel

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So this is true dedication. We put out "frozen" as a theme and Kerslake goes ahead and builds an ice fortress in his backyard. All kidding aside, I love this shot. I'm finding myself completely intrigued and want to be there.

What is This Week's Theme?

After two week's in a row of chilly winter based themes I think it would be nice to thaw things up a bit. What better way to do that than to bring in some heat. This week's theme of "warmth" should help us all escape the current deep freeze. At least I hope so.


Better Hashtags for 2018

The #weeklyFstop hashtag we have used up to this point has worked well but we are starting to outgrow it. The older tagged shots are taking forever to scroll down to. Based on some user feedback and 12 weeks under our belt we are going to start adding the theme to the end of the tag. This will help group your shots together more effectively and fewer entries will be missed. This worked perfectly this week so thank you to everyone for adapting so quickly.

So for week 13 please use #weeklyFstopWarmth.

Here are the previous week's results for anyone who may have missed:

  1. Leading Lines
  2. Bold
  3. Color
  4. Yours
  5. Simplicity
  6. Monochrome
  7. Music
  8. Light
  9. Action
  10. Thankful
  11. Bokeh
  12. Toys
  13. Snow

Remember, there is no guarantee posting a photo will result in it being featured. If we get going and you fall short, keep shooting and try and learn from the photos that are selected. We can all learn to like our work a little less sometimes in order to grow. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas feel free to contribute in the comments.

Before you run off to get your next submission ready, are you all aware of the ongoing Fstoppers Photographer of the Month contest? We selected December's winner so sure to check out Alex Cooke's post to vote on the Fstoppers Community Photographer of the Year.

Speaking of the Fstoppers community are you part of it? Did you know you can have your own portfolio here with chances to be featured on the homepage as Photo of the Day? If not be sure to check it out. If you already comment then you have an account. If not, use the sign-up button and upload some work! Besides uploading your own work and having a portfolio on Fstoppers, making an account allows you to follow your favorite writers and artists so you will be notified every time they publish new photos or articles.

Lead image used with permission by Christine Clark-Hess.

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Bryan Mitchell's picture

Thanks again for doing this into the new year. Its cool to see someones picks of images on different topics/prompts. Happy New Year! -Bryan

Michael B. Stuart's picture

Thanks Bryan! Happy New Year to you and yours as well :)

Fabien Guittard's picture

Great pick to start this new year - especially the #10 (ahah!). Thank you Fstoppers for having selected my image! And everybody please be sure to follow my instagram feed I'll be happy to know you're here!

Michael B. Stuart's picture

That #10 is a stunner, isn't it?!? People were telling me I had the list backward ;)
Thanks for submitting and glad you enjoyed.

Gabrielle Colton's picture

Beautiful images, I love winter photography

John Crisp's picture

Hey Everyone. Just wanted to let everyone know that Im still around and haven't forgot about one of my favorite articles on Fstoppers. I've been extremely busy at work and haven't had a lot of time for shooting. I'm gonna get back involved this week. I have kept of with the articles and want everyone to know how much I have enjoyed the last couple of weeks even though I haven't been apart of it. Great work everyone. Happy New Year and look forward to an amazing 2018.

Michael B. Stuart's picture

Good to hear from you, John! Busy is always good. No worries whatsoever and see you back when you're ready. :)