Top Nine Female Portrait Photographers You Need to Follow on Instagram in 2018

Top Nine Female Portrait Photographers You Need to Follow on Instagram in 2018

Out of the over 1 billion Instagram users on the platform in 2018, it's important to stand out. Check out my top 10 favorite female portrait photographers on Instagram and go give them a follow! Be ready to be blown away!

In the photography industry today, women are seen to be underrepresented. In this article, find the best talent out there and discover the women who are crushing it in the industry today. Below is my list and my favorites, but if you know anyone who is your favorite, leave their links in the comments!

Kate Woodman

Kate Woodman is known as a master of color. Her delicate and thoughtful use of colors combined with the wit she has in her images make them a joy to look at. Each one of her photos conveys a feeling and just makes you want to keep looking. 

Lindsay Adler

Lindsay Adler is a fashion and beauty photographer known for her graphic and bold style. Looking through her portfolio, you will see her work stands out immediately by her fearless use of edgy lighting and bold colors.

Elaine Torres

In Elaine Torres' work, less is more. She flawlessly blends her seamless paper background with the models wardrobe to create eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing images to look at. 

Sue Bryce 

Sue Bryce is a glamour and portrait photographer who focuses on making women look powerful and beautiful. Each image shows the women she photographs in the best light and is truly inspiring to look at. 

Donatella Nicolini 

Donatella Nicolini is a maternity and portrait photographer based in Italy. Her use of soft lighting and motion in her images conveys the elegant beauty her subjects have within them. 

Bella Kotak

When I came across Bella Kotak's profile for the first time, the first thing that popped into my head was "wow!" The immaculate level of detail she uses in building her sets accompanied by the flawless retouching makes for an eye-catching portfolio. 

Brooke Shaden 

Brooke Shaden is a fine art portrait photographer. Her images look like scenes out of our dreams or nightmares. She often uses herself as the model and depicts the darkest and most vulnerable moments in her life. Her pictures convey darkness but in a beautiful light. 

Monica Lazar 

Monica Lazar is primarily a self portrait photographer. The special things about her work are how personal it is and the great lengths she goes to create her dreamy images. She carefully puts herself in captivating scenes and depicts the emotions that place elicits.   

Annie Mitova

Annie Mitova is best known for her dreamy and soft images that take on a painterly look. The way she represents her models in her work is stunning and regal. 

Be sure to share your favorites in the comments! 

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timgallo's picture

I don`t need to do anything. Why don`t you write 10 inspiring female photographers according to my opinion?I hope writers for this site will soon graduate from "you need" "you must" titles...

Eli Dreyfuss's picture

You're right. My apologies. Will keep this is mind for future articles.

timgallo's picture

Thanks for reply.

Eli Dreyfuss's picture

Sure! Always trying to improve my writing :)

Jordan McChesney's picture

I like how different each of them shoots and processes. I'm not huge into portrait photography, but I have a lot of respect for how creative people can get. I tend to avoid doing portrait photography because I don't seem to have that creative itch... and I'm cripplingly awkward so, I feel more comfortable spending a hours alone with a waterfall or sunset than people, haha.

I'm trying to broaden my knowledge regarding different styles I don't quite understand (fine art/architecture/portrait) so I can learn to appreciate them more, so lists like this, and the names added in the comments are always appreciated.

Thanks for sharing!

Eli Dreyfuss's picture

OF course! So glad to hear you found some inspiration from these people! I sure did.

Juan carlos Chu Zhang's picture

any fujifilm female photographer?

Eli Dreyfuss's picture

I don't believe so. Have any suggestions?

Rex Larsen's picture

I know this is Fstoppers, but the addition of a photojournalist or documentary photographer might add to this list of talented photographers and retouchers.

Eli Dreyfuss's picture

Good thought! Know of any? I search instagram for a few hours and these were just my favorite. As Im a portrait photographer.

sophie berard's picture

Nirav Patels work is lovely, however, he is a man.

Richard Downs's picture

I rather like Susanne Middleberg's work:

Very interesting article.

Eli Dreyfuss's picture

Cool! I'll check it out! Glad you got something out of it.

Jason Levine's picture

The irony of this article, if I went to those photographers and complimented them "your a very good female photographer" they would all be offended.

Eli Dreyfuss's picture

I don't know they seemed very thankful that they were in the list. So I'll take it

DEEP D's picture


DEEP D's picture

HI ,
I hope fstoppers will not delete this comment

This list is very biased and been published as a lobby. Most photographers mentioned here are friends with each other and their work is good but they cannot be rated as top 10. They are good at marketing their work and are networked with each other

eg : Bella Kotak is promoted by pratik naik as she is his wife and all the publications know him so her name is appearing here
her work is good but surely not top notch

linday Adler , sue Bruce make it to the list always for no reason.. there are many many better female photographers but they dont get their name in the list

I see some new names who are not very experienced but recently they seem to hage attended workshop of top photographers and managed to get their name here

question is how did fstoppers compile this list??? it looks like set up for sure
shame !!!!
also looks like Nira V is male and not female ..

Eli Dreyfuss's picture

This comment is quite irrelevant and does not make much sense. I did not chose them based on popularity. I chose them because they are my top inspirations when it comes to portraits. In terms of style and how they connect with their subjects. It had nothing to do with how many followers they had etc. I stated very clearly in the first sentence of the article that these are my favorite choices. You don't need to agree. I also don't see. Nira vs name on the list? We edited it out.

Michal Labot's picture

And each and every one of them managed to shoot great and interesting portraits without creamy bokeh balls or crazy fake lighting. This is really something to consider for all those people that simply NEED those F1.2 lenses

Eli Dreyfuss's picture

Yep! They are very unique in what they do!

Leo Litvac's picture

Really???? WTF Fstoppers, none of this photographers worth following, please!!! Monica Lazar? come on everybody is so tired of her stupid selfies!

Eli Dreyfuss's picture

I'll be sure to pass that message on to her and tell her it was from you. No problem. It's a matter of opinion as clearly stated in the first sentence of the article. I would love to see who you follow!

L L's picture

Great list!
Favorite of mine, the dreamy work of Kristina Makeeva

Eli Dreyfuss's picture

Glad you enjoyed the list. Sweet! I'll definitely take a look!

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