Why Apple Removed All Reviews From Their Website

Why Apple Removed All Reviews From Their Website

Apple has removed all reviews from their website and it might be my fault. 

On November 13th Apple unveiled the new 16inch Macbook Pro. Most Apple fans were excited to see that this laptop fixed many of the issues with the previous version like the keyboard, cooling, and the reintroduction of a physical escape key. Patrick and I were happy about the updates, but were still upset that Apple is using exclusively Thunderbolt 3 ports on the laptop. 

Having to carry around a bunch of dongles is annoying, but it would be acceptable if the dongles were reliable. In our experience, the dongles have never been reliable. We decided to make a video talking about our experience using Apple-branded, and third party USB C dongles. 

As you can imagine, the response to this video was split. Windows users who have never even used the Macbook before took our side, and Apple fanboys downvoted the video and said that we were either Apple haters or we didn't own the right dongles. 

To prove that I was neither "out to get Apple," or just an idiot, I made a second video. In this video went to Apple.com and went through the reviews of every single dongle on their website. 

One day after releasing this video Apple removed every single review from its website.

Here is my response. 

It seems unlikely that a company the size of Apple would be nimble enough to revamp a website in one day. At the same time, it seems unlikely that this is all a coincidence. I honestly don't know what to believe. 

Whether this is my fault or not, I feel like the situation is even worse now. Instead of addressing the problem, Apple has simply hidden the complaints. I love Apple products, I own a bunch of them. I just want them to work reliably. 

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Wonder Woman's picture

Lee, I like you.

Lee Morris's picture

I think you’re wonderful

MC G's picture

This comment has been deleted

michael andrew's picture

I hate all thunderbolt ports of all generations, they always fail and disconnect when hardly touched it’s pathetic

Rayann Elzein's picture

Really? I have a cheap Asus laptop where it works perfectly. I returned a super expensive Razer laptop that was acting as you describe. So it must be possible to do it right, but not all manufacturers found the way I guess...

Benoit Pigeon's picture

This reminds me of the first generations of camcorders when the recording part was actually separate in a shoulder bag. If at least Apple provided free fanny bags...

Mutley Dastardly's picture

Lee, i'm a lot harsher on Apple than you are. And i'm almost certain you're not the reason why they removed those comments.

Lee Morris's picture

I hope it’s one big coincidence

Jared Gant's picture

If your videos are what made Apple aware of their crappy reviews... then there's even a bigger problem...

Kirk Schwarz's picture

The weirdest thing, apart from the first comment on this thread (get yourself some security), is that we all buy post-Jobs Apple stuff in spite of the reviews. Let's be honest, they're not exactly what they used to be, are they?

Yin Ze's picture

"they're not exactly what they used to be, are they?"

If you're so nostalgic about the steve jobs era there are a number of iphone 4, ipod, wired apple earbuds and white macbooks on ebay you can purchase.

I got the iPhone X over 2 years ago and it is still fast enough and reliable for my needs that I have not upgraded. Back in the Jobs-era the iphones would struggle to get to the two-year contract finish line because they were sooooo slooow.

The airpods have been incredible and I am eager to check out the new version.

I just upgraded to 2019 2.8ghz Macbook Pro 13" with 16gb ram and if apple products are not what "they used to be" then I am all for it.

Barry Brunswick's picture

Geez Ze - Do you really think someone nostalgic for the Jobs-Era Apple is nostalgic for old hardware? Or do you think it's more about the attitudes fostered by Jobs?

Yin Ze's picture

what attitudes? "your holding it wrong" blame-the-customer attitude? or "If you see a stylus, they blew it.” attitude? My grandfather has painted for 5 decades and mobility issues prevent him from standing in front of a canvas. Thanks to the iPad Pro and apple pencil he has completely transformed the way he creates art as well as the ability to try different things and share them instantly.

Kirk Schwarz's picture

Yes, other people I admire for their attitude towards innovation are Henry Ford and Alexander Graham Bell...... Sadly, my 150 year old car has broken down, and I can't call the garage because the operator died about 75 years ago...

Yin Ze's picture

I know a guy.... . He works weekends, too. Way easier to fix a 150-250 year old car than to replace the batteries on a dying airpod.

Kirk Schwarz's picture

Sure, but when was the last time he undertook a 10 mile journey in under a week?

Kirk Schwarz's picture

Also, Airpods are Tim Cook era Apple, not Jobs era, which is exactly what I'm talking about. All I'm asking for is a macbook I can beef up with extra ram if I find I need it down the line.

robertc's picture

To think that the 1000’s of bad reviews didn’t matter until you made a video about them and THAT is what made Apple take note is so unbelievably dismissive of every other content creator on the internet. How important do you think you are?

Lee Morris's picture

Because I don’t know of anyone else complaining about this and pointing out the reviews.

If there was any content creator who made a video pointing out all of the negative reviews, And Apple made a change a day later, I would think that there is a possibility that it was them.

robertc's picture

There are loads of articles and tech reviews (no offense, but far more popular than you) that give bad reviews of Apple tech. You seriously think that your video holds so much power that Apple decided to remove all of their reviews? That type of decision is made after a lot of meetings and thought, not as a response to a photographers video that happens to owns a photo site. If you think Apple thinks so highly of your opinion that they snap decisioned this response, then perhaps you can use your power to get the masses a MacOS powered tablet?

robertc's picture

Im actually not, and to boil my points down to just fandom is insulting.

Alexander Petrenko's picture

You must be fun at parties...

robertc's picture

Because pointing out something that is blatantly overblown makes me the jerk? Got it.

Lee Morris's picture

No, the way you worded your original comment was purposefully harsh. Many people don't believe Apple made this change because of my video but you said "How important do you think you are?" When instead you could have simply said, "I think this is a big coincidence."

robertc's picture

Because you are a insinuating that it’s not, in fact, a coincidence. So my question still holds merit. You think that thousands of reviews went unnoticed by Apple until you brought attention to them in a video. If you take that as being “harsh”, your over inflated ego is far too fragile.

Lee Morris's picture

Lol you were the one who said the comment above was “insulting”. I’m trying to keep things reasonable.

robertc's picture

I said the person trying to boil my response down to nothing but fandom was “insulting”. I’m not the one telling my entire audience that I’m so important I got Apple to perform a major e-commerce change. If you think I’m not being civil because I’m pointing that out, then you’re proving my points.

Andy Day's picture

Lol. Did you watch a different video or are you just trolling?

Alex Herbert's picture

Data is pretty much worthless until it has been collated. Yes Apple had plenty of bad reviews on their site, but nothing which tied them all together. By doing this, and outlining that there is a fundamental flaw with Apple's products, on a hardware level, I think it might just have been enough to raise an eyebrow or two in Cupertino. Let's face it, I doubt Apple will miss having reviews on their site, anyone who's on there to shop is already zealous enough and doesn't need positive reviews to spend.

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