Behind the Scenes of Ram Trucks Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

The Dodge Ram has won the unofficial title of America's most American truck. Check out this great behind the scenes video Dodge just released on the making and creation of their 2015 Dodge Ram ad for the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. 

I mean, is there any better way to celebrate America's history and heritage than with a crew of swimsuit models in patriotic (yet small) garb? History can get a little dry at times with a plethora of old men and their old beards and resolutions, so why not spice things up with a boat full (literally) of scantily clad models? Thank heavens for Sports Illustrated's annual Swimsuit Edition to always give an extra reason to embrace the glorious gift of the all-American bikini.

Bikini talk aside, the finished product is really cool. 

When you watch the video, you'll see the final version of the below picture with the background and the original painting that inspired the whole project in the first place. The Photoshop in these is pretty darn amazing if you ask me. 

Dodge also came out with some other really stunning 1776 inspired photos that we can't get enough of. The lighting almost gives me goose bumps. The fact that these were taken in a studio is just nuts. 

What'd you guys think? Enough to make you buy a Dodge Ram? 

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M Russell's picture

Obviously done with a little tongue in check, but I doubt our founding fathers and those who gave their lives for our freedoms would want their historic crossing remembered in this way.

Perhaps I'm being oversensitive, but my father served this country and took a bullet for it. I lost him last year and I miss him terribly. Remembering a piece of American war history with scantily clad women is on the border of disrespectful.

Stas Aleksandersson's picture

What kind of hating people would thumb down such a sensitive comment? Imagine that you would lose someone dear and share it with a community, and some people will vote it down.

John Harambasic's picture

FWIW -- I agree. There's an obvious advantage to marketing on an emotional level, but this thing about darn-near everything in society needing to be endorsed by some bikini babe is really about the lowest intellectual denominator and reduces us to monkey-style thinking. It shouldn't take a scantily clad 20-year old model making a fool of herself to convince men to get a burger at Carl's. We don't need the entire lineup of SI swimsuit models to endear us to Dodge trucks, or some country-bumpkin babe suckin on a beer bottle to figure out what to drink. And I agree that leveraging the message on the back of our Founding Father's war for independence is in very poor taste and reflects an ignorance of historical perspective and respect for the sacrifices made so this group of today's younger generation of self-entitled Kardashian wanna-bes can live a life they don't deserve to live.

On the non-political side, I'm amazed at what a major corporation will SPEND to achieve an ad like this. I'd be more interested in knowing the budget for this kind of thing and how long it took to produce.

Henry Louey's picture

It was all done TFP of course. What company would be silly enough to pay when there are a million creatives out there prepared to do it for "exposure"


Rex Larsen's picture, what's the name of the photographer and retoucher ?

Chris Adval's picture

From what it appeared from the video it showed multiple photographers for different pieces as this was such as large project and it was obviously a huge composite it looks like they simply hired photographers for certain things they needed for the pieces of the puzzle ,of the primary image at least, to come together in complete sequence. I'd love to know the photographers and retouchers too but doubt its public information unless the creatives are allowed to reveal unless they signed an NDA.

Roald Jansen's picture

I wished I had those female models when I did this corporate shoot, would've gave a much better result!

Chris Adval's picture

looks great to me! I'm sure the clients loved it!

Keegan Evans's picture

Wow those composites are awesome! Thanks for the share!

Ralph Hightower's picture

I'm sure that I am going to tick off Chrysler and Dodge owners, but Chrysler and Dodge were an American auto manufacturer. But the Germans bought them in 1998 and then the Italians bought them in 2014.
But overall, good commercial. I'm not sure if it's Super Bowl quality.