Fstoppers Launches Today

In the past 3 months Patrick Hall and I (Lee Morris) have been working on this idea. As professional photographers we love watching other pros work. Everyone has their own technique and style and when a new behind the scenes video pops up on a blog or forum we are the first to watch it intently. We want fstoppers.com to become the website that has interesting and informative videos of professional still and video shoots. Searching through vimeo.com is great if you want to see talented artist's work but our goal is to show you HOW they created their work. If you are a creative professional we want you to be a part of fstoppers.com. Join our Vimeo group and submit to us your behind the scenes videos and articles. We will help you promote your business by posting your work on our site and you will help all of us learn a little bit more about our field. If you would like to be a part of Fstoppers in any way please email us at: contactfstoppers@gmail.com.

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Great work guys. A wonderful concept and informative web site.

Thanks Keith. We want to feature you soon.

B R A V O !!!!
So well done and nice to see how others work.


This site only really works if you guys show your features too. Can't wait to see what starts getting featured here

am i invited to submit? i am not the echelon of photography that you all are......

This sounds awesome! Definitely want to link up with you guys and get some great behind the scenes work captured. It would be a great plus for us to gain clientele.

Great Job guys!
Subscribed from Italy!