Vimeo Launches Review Pages

Vimeo launched the upgrade to their Profile Pages a couple of weeks back and they aren't sitting back. They just came out with Review Pages, based on team and client collaboration. It's a space for notes that can be made at certain points of a video.

The interface looks very similar to a chat dialog interface where notes can be made about a certain part of the video. When you want to make a note it looks much like Twitter when you're about to tweet. 

It's a competitive industry and and have market-share. But, in my opinion Vimeo has the most visitors and publishers who will use it as it's included in their Vimeo Pro or Vimeo Business subscriptions or entice Vimeo Basic and Vimeo Plus users to upgrade.

So let's work through this. Your client gets the latest video link and goes to the Review Page of the video and they watch it. They get to a point where they think the shot should be shorter, or the logo must be bigger and stops the video right there and adds a note to tell you their thinking. 

You as the editor now get the feedback in friendly note format and can make the changes your client recommended. Once you click on any one of the notes on the right-hand side, the play-head jumps to that part of the video your client was referring to. 

It gives us a way to work with clients and interact during the process and not after you see the job as complete. You can now take a video from rough draft to signed-off by the client without them physically looking at your screen and staring over your shoulder. 

I like where Vimeo is taking professional high-end video production. It's more geared towards the editor and the production team rather than just the viewer. But, what I really want is this type of review syncing directly with my Premiere Pro or Final Cut and not having to bounce around between Vimeo and Premiere Pro. But it certainly is a move in the right direction. 

Go to the Vimeo help page if you want to find out more about the features and check out the information page about the release.

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Wouter is a portrait and street photographer based in Paris, France. He's originally from Cape Town, South Africa. He does image retouching for clients in the beauty and fashion industry and enjoys how technology makes new ways of photography possible.

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Damn... only for Pro and Business plans.
I have Vimeo Plus... and I'd pay a little extra for the review pages, but not $144/year extra.

But you can do it for free at!

Great feature...

(just my opinion)

BUT... I can just see that "CLIENT-FROM-HEII" who thinks THEY are the director, editor and creative director of the shoot/project. I can see a client going WAY OVERBOARD with the edit requests and possibly changing the shoot into a LOGO/TEXT nightmare. I think there should be a stipulation on HOW MANY edits the client can request before it gets to the point of ridiculous, or we have turned a decent shoot into a client drowned vision of unnecessary edits.

Stay the course everyone!

Limit this feature for the client...
The client hired YOU to shoot their project.

Too many chiefs and it can get ugly.

I really miss the Adobe Premiere PDF review option they used to have. You could import the comments right back into the timeline. But this certainly is a close second because I am a Pro account holder and use Vimeo for sharing and as an extra backup of all my videos. Thanks for the post. introduced video collaboration long before vimeo and it's free.