[Game] Color – A Color Matching Game That Tests Your Vision And Knowledge

[Game] Color – A Color Matching Game That Tests Your Vision And Knowledge

Color, a simple yet addicting game that will test your patience and vision. In the industry, we deal with color all the time. Everything from shooting to dealing with calibrating screens, color plays a huge role in what we do. The game runs through varying level of difficulty, starting with hue, saturation, complementary colors, and goes up from there. It's very easy to play but hard to master. 

It starts with a timer and a color in the middle. Your goal is to match the given color as close as possible by moving your mouse. As the game continues, the complexity changes, and possibly your patience.

You can play the game here:


Be sure to post your score in the comment section, I'm curious to see how everyone does.

Thanks to Nick for the find!


From Pratik:

I'd love to hear from you! Stop by and get in touch with me via my facebook page or my website, http://www.solsticeretouch.com.

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lakker.be's picture

I did a 6.2

I got 8.0

8.2 and man it was stressful

Mike Hylandsson's picture

Ha, very (positively) surprised to get 8.2!  Me & color matching, no es bueno.


Only managed a 6.5 on that. The analog is what really got me. I'll try it again later

Albert Koops's picture


6.5, was trickier than I thought, some of the ones I thought were pretty close I got an "Average" or even "poor" a couple of times, and some I just totally screwed up and was nowhere near by the end! 



Daniel Balazs's picture

I got 9.2 

9.2, overall scores -  Hue 10 | Sat 9 | Comp 10 | Analog 9 | Triad 9 | Tetrad 8

8.4 the last couple buggered it up. Trying to figure out which little circle was which. By time I had figured out which circle was where I only had seconds left.

i Got 8.0, the color wasnt the hard part it was getting used to which circle did what to which one... lol


The whole circle wouldn't load so i had to fiddle around till i could find the answers

 I had the same problem - got a 6.5


7.5 for me - 


But i spent half the timer trying to figure out which circle matched which "pie" in the center. Poeple would get better result if that was fixed IMO.

7.3 and it was stressful 

got 9 :)

8.2 - Hm, is this average?

Jeff Fogarty's picture


8.2  this game is very frustarting

9.3 nice game :)

8.2...need new monitor...obviously the hardware is the problem   not me

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

9.7 - 10,10,10,10,9,9

6.3 first try.  I'm 'color deficient' by USAF standards anyway...so no real surprises with the score.  Nice find!