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The Greatest Photography Halloween Costume Ever!

For some people, Halloween can be a stressful time as you panic to come up with that perfect costume that will impress all your friends and help you score big with the opposite sex. Photographer Tyler Card decide to one up everyone by creating his own lifesize working Nikon D3 which can capture all of his trick or treating fun. Check out the demo below and then watch the second video below to see how Tyler made it in his BTS video.

Camera Costume Demo:

Behind The Scenes:

Patrick Hall's picture

Patrick Hall is a founder of Fstoppers.com and a photographer based out of Charleston, South Carolina.

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Talk about the camera being an extension of the photographer! Great idea. Nikon will probably be on the phone wanting to use it in their next commercial.

genuis. I figured it out before watching the BTS... but I NEVER would have thought of it

Adds new meaning to the phrase: "Hey baby, nice body"!  Let's hope he doesn't run in to any 7Ds, or a fight might break out.

D3's dont have pop up flash's....haha j/k that is easily the sickest idea i've ever seen....great job!

It would've been the greatest if it was a Canon...lol

Thats so cool, Love to use this shooting a wedding.

One word:


Genius ... now that's creativity. Bravo.