How Bad Do You Want Success?

Let me warn you, this video has nothing to do with photography directly. Chances are you have probably heard the opening parable before, but when paired up with the training video of an aspiring football player the message is pretty powerful. How bad do you want success and what are you willing to go through to possess it? I think everyday as photographers, we struggle with staying motivated, finding inspiration, working towards our goals, and expanding our skill set. I find this especially true with my own work since I compete with myself which often leads to less motivation than competing directly with someone else. Reaching the point of wanting success more than the desire to breathe is probably unrealistic so let me ask this: how much sleep, time, and short term gratification are you willing to give up in order to achieve long term success?

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Fresh! Thanks for sharing this.

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His name is Eric Thomas youtube link for the video

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it's funny, without watching the football player go through those crazy drills...I probably would not have made it past 30 seconds of the speech.  Is Eric a motivational speaker or a preacher? 

Eric talks about his past a little bit in  here

If you or Lee get a chance, you both should check out , because that site features some of the videos that you post and share with us as well.

the football player in the video is Giavanni Ruffin, I have had the pleasure of working with him in the past. check out my website for the images from our shoot. 

He is probably one of the most determined people I know. This video has been making its rounds through many different blogs and websites since it was released, and I look forward to seeing what else comes from him.

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new morning coffee


Original quote was from Al Thomas... motivational speaker I personally knew back in 04... 

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The question begging for an answer... so, should I leave image stabilization on or off?  


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water destroys your camera either way

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(stepping on soap box)
Money is not everything. More important to be successful at what you need, not what you want.
(/stepping off soap box)

I think there is a balance to everything. These guys make it sound like they are Tyler Durden. Please! You can go for days without sleep but how is your work going to look like on day three? Don't tell me Athletes don't require a crazy amount of sleep to rest and regenerate muscle. Please don't tell me that 50 cent doesn't sleep after he's been making beats, drinking Hennessy and smoking blunts for 2 days straight :)
I think people like to exaggerate and make their success stories overly dramatic. The thruth, for me, is that you must be persistent, you must give up a lot of your social life and other interests that distract and only focus on your passion if you want to succeed at it. But you need your friends and family, you need to eat and most need to SLEEP!

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I think his point is you can go with 7 hours of sleep instead of my required 12.  And as for Fiddy, I think you left out the most important drug for keeping him up and going for days.  

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If you live a healthy life you can get away with 7hrs of sleep daily, but you have to be exercising 3-4 days a week at least and make sure you eat enough food and water, the body can recover just fine with 7hrs every day, maybe 8hrs on weekends. You cannot live and achieve much if you sleep 5hrs or less every night though, unless you're some kind of machine.

It's a lot more fun to train and do exercise than it is to get pumped up about making cold calls and marketing imho

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well training doesn't necessarily make you money, booking a client on a cold call does :)