How Your Photography Can Help Change The World

I'm always a bit cynical when people tell me they want to become a photographer so their images can change the world. Living in a post modern society where we are bombarded with images, it is easy to think we have become so desensitized to visuals that nothing can move us into action. Well after watching the latest video from [FRAMED] featuring the work of humanitarian photographer Benjamin Edwards, I have been quickly reminded that photography really can change the way we view the outside world and therefore change the how we interact with it. Benjamin's story and images are an inspiration, and through Emote360 and World Relief Benjamin has been able to inspire others around him to help those less fortunate and in need. What do you guys think; does photography inspire you to change the world?

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 I am truly humbled! 

 Your camera is a tool of expression, a messenger. Sometimes we forget that. Thanks Patrick for the post

Inspiring. Exactly what I needed before volunteering in Senegal (then Ghana) with I'll see what I can do to give back. Benjamin, does Emote360 have any association with Senegal or Ghana? (they aren't actually very at-risk countries)...
Thanks, amazing stuff...


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I think photography can change world and people by inspiration and accenting certain things with a profound message. This is what I did to promote blood donation

I often have to remind myself that if I get my head full with too many pictures it is just me and my experience. If I fill my brain with pictures what do not matter it fills me with emptyness. But for example If I look at the works of Sebastiao Saldago I realize it is a matter of getting your pictures to right audience, to those who care. If Saldago would not have swet to get his pictures to public they would not have changed the world. Taking pictures is work, but it seems to me that beginner photographers often forget that getting pictures public in the sense of getting them to the right audience is still hard work.

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Une, I truly Agree 

very humbling work, 
Thank you to Fstoppers for sharing this with us.

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Changing the world one click at a time - very inspirational!

I am a photographer and i am an african (Rwanda) precisely because Africa is not a country.I have been reflecting on this idea that most of the photographs taken on the african continent is gear towards westerners and not africans.How can we say that we are changing the world when the people are that we are supposedly helping through our photography are not portrait in a dignified light.I am so sick and tired and i think it is about time to do project that target africans themselves,If you want stop a war in the about educating congolese people using your photographic skills about the power of dialogue or the human dignity?