Instacube: The Beautiful Pictureframe That Streams Your Instagram Photos

Just shy of their quarter of a million dollar goal on Instagram in under a week, Instacube is a concept that has caught tremendous attention on kickstarter. As the title suggests, Instacube is a picture frame that streams your Instagram feed to a beautiful portable display that is three times the size. 

The device itself displays your images at 600x600, so even though it's the same size as your Instagram photos, the resolution of the display will make it fit perfectly.

Here's a video that showcases what it is in detail and how it works:

So it doesn't just display your own photos, it displays photos from your feed or even photos that are tagged under a certain category. They are also updated live as well.

It's so seamless and intuitive that it's no surprise the idea caught on.

There's even a heart shaped 'like' button on top. These cute little perks just add on to the likability of Instacube.

As the video shows, it runs on Android and is completely powered through wifi and comes with a rechargable battery so you can untether it and carry it with you without any wires at all. The box is all you need.

To see more about the project, check out the kickstarter page here.

Technical Specifications:

• ARM Processor
• 4GB Internal Flash Memory
• 256MB RAM
• 7.5" Square Frame
• 6.5" Square LCD Active Viewing & Touch Area
• 600x600 Screen Resolution
• Built-in 802.11b/g/n WiFi
• Capacitive Touch Screen Display
• Android OS




[Via Kickstarter]

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oran's picture

That piece of shit wat the fuck

Stan Rogers's picture

The phrase "that is not a product I would be interested in" would have served just as well. Obviously it *is* a product *other people* are interested in, since the funding pledges are just a little more than $15,000 shy of the quarter-million-dollar target as of this writing, with 27 days left to go. I doubt they'll fail to meet their goal.

Francois KERISIT's picture

I like it when people try to argue with "the internet" (i.e. trolls). I guess you are right, but "you have no power here." (King Theoden) :D

So.... when you take a naked photo of your boyfriend or girlfriend (or both) and it "instantly sends the photos" to the instacube you sent to your parents.... hmmmmm.

Greg Brave's picture

Are you putting naked photos of your boyfriend on instagram? If you do, you must be prepared that much more people than your parents will see them...

Jason Zeis's picture

I guess it would be pretty cool... If you could configure it for your flickr feed/500px... Because a lot of Instagram is just duckfaces and over-processed, blown out, heavily vignetted shots of their food....

Karen Huang's picture

This is the most attractive frame I saw so far. Thanks for sharing!