Let's Grab Lunch (With Lee Morris) In NYC Update: Booked

Update: Every day has been booked.
I am back up in NYC for the next 10 days and next week my schedule is totally open every day (April 18-22) from 1pm-5pm. I'd love to have lunch with anyone who is interested for absolutely any reason. You by no means have to be an established photographer or even want to talk about photography. If you are interested, simply send me a Facebook message and let me know the location (Brooklyn and Manhattan only please) and the time and I'll be there. In some cases I may be able to meet 2 people per day.

Last time I did this I met 7 incredible people including Frank Zurita who now produces original music for us and Noam Galai who you all now know. I can't wait to see who I will meet this time.

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Also, make sure you give me your cell as well when you message me.

I wish to meet you brother but I am not in NYC.....
Wish to get same offer from you when you come to Chicago...
But I don't leave a chance to offer you to come to my place for lunch.I am very good cook.
I house is on exit 23(MI) on I-94 way to go from Chicago to Detroit....

Wow that's so awesome Lee. Love the whole meeting idea...

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Tuesday is double booked, and Friday is booked now. Monday Wednesday and Thursday still open.

anyone in chicago right now? Im here till monday morning.

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Are you interviewing for friends again? Try as hard as you might Lee, you can't replace us! Your old friends are all you got, so deal with it.