Live In NYC? Let's Meet Up... Again

photogs meetup

A few weeks ago we decided to try to get FS readers in the NYC area to meet up one night. We made a simple post with a time and address and it turned out to be a great event. Over 20 photographers showed up included a few big names in the industry. At the end of the night Peter Hurley actually invited everyone up to his studio for a tour and actually gave us all some quick headshots.

I had such a great time with our last event, I want to do it again. Tomorrow (Thursday August 12th) we will be meeting at D.B.A (41 First Ave. New York, NY 10003) at 7pm.

Honestly, this get together has little to do with Fstoppers. It is really about meeting others within your industry. No matter how established you are, we would love to see you tomorrow night. At the last event we had a couple of the top photographers in the industry and we had those who were just getting started and wanted to start assisting. This event will be great for networking and an all around good time.

If you plan to come please leave a comment below so we can have some what of a heads up.

Update: I have just been given confirmation that David Bergman will be there. You may have seen one of his 8 SI covers.

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Andrew Williams's picture

I'm gonna be there for sure can't wait aaaaahhhhh.

Too bad I don't live in NYC :( come to Montreal plz !!!

Missed out last time. Gonna try to make it out to this one.

Kenn Tam's picture

Don't fill up on beer before you go, I hear d.b.a has a great selection. See you all soon.

I'll be there. Just moved to NYC from LA and really need to network.

Noam Galai's picture

hope to be there

Tiffany Chang's picture

I would LOVE to go! I'd be completely out of place though since I'm probably not going into the photography field :\ I'm just a hobbyist at this point...

I'll come by if my friend decides to go though. :D

Actually its like the last minute announcement ;) but I love to be there and I do my best to make it.

ahh thats amazing i wish people were awesome enough to organize something like this in NC

For sure, gotta agree with Bastien. You like NYC, you're gonna fall in love with Montreal. Come over for some photo/video shooting and big parties !

It's not that I only care about NYC, it's just a big city with lots of FS readers. I'd love to come to Montreal but I fear it may be a party with just 3 of us :)

Patrick Hall's picture

Give it some time Crosby, big things might be happening out of NC soon :)

My flight from Tokyo arrives in Newark at 4:30pm. If we are on time, and I still have the energy, I'll be there!

Don't think I can make it this time :\

Do you think you will do another NYC meetup?

I hate that you or 8 hours flight away from Spain, on short notice , id give my left nut ( almost ) to meet up with you guys just to learn.

Coming to the city early for the Met game. I'll make sure I stop by to see whats going on. Look for the tall redhead in the Mets hat and say hello.

Kenn Tam's picture

@tsun and everyone else who can't make it tomorrow: This is something we will be doing on a regular basis, not just when the fstoppers crew is in town. We photographers have been missing out on a true sense of community and that's something we aim to change. Once we get some lines of communication opened so we can coordinate easier, I think you will find events more frequently. If you're on Facebook I threw up a club page to keep in touch "phoTogs Playing Poker".

i'll be there...woot! :) cant wait... :)

I'm a wedding photographer based out of SC and I was hired to shoot a wedding in NYC. It just happens to be this weekend so I am arriving TODAY! I will do my best to make it out. I love networking, it's why I'm here now :)

That's just 5 blocks from my apartment. How can I not go?

I'll be there, but I won't have my camera...

Andrew Williams's picture

@Ernie it's ok cuz I'll have my camera and I'll post them up on facebook.

Wow what are the chances? I just happen to be in NYC from Texas. I may be a little late, but I'll try to make it!!

i'm so glad i saw this just now. i'll come right after work

Sounds fantastic, too bad I'm on the wrong coast--come do one in the NW!

If only there was one in Boston...Hint Hint Hint!

Ernie! What's up man? I was gonna try to go to this but it's not lookin good right now.

Any chance of there being another one in NYC between September 8th and 13th?

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Cold Beer I am there.

Guys I hate to say it but I am sick as a dog. A few days ago I went white water kayaking and last night my ear got seriously infected. My left jaw locked up and I have hardly been able to speak all day.

I have no doubt the party is still going to be a hit. Jerrit from Fstoppers will ve there and David Bergman will be there around 8.

Have fun without me guys.