Looking for a Great Photo Event in the UK? The Photography Show is This March!

Looking for a Great Photo Event in the UK? The Photography Show is This March!

I'm a big fan of shows like Photo Plus, Gulf Photo Plus and WPPI Las Vegas, so when my good friend (and amazing photographer in his own right) David Kai-Piper told me about an event he's helping orchestrate in the United Kingdom this year, I thought you all would be interested to hear about it. Introducing The Photography Show, a new show and home for professional and hobbyists to come together to enjoy all things photographic.

I asked Dave to take a minute and explain to everyone what the show is, how it's different, and why you should get your butt over there if you're anywhere close to the UK.

"Built from the idea that a consumer / trade show can be a more hands on & immersive show that what we used to have in the UK. Working with such British iconic figures of photography like Rankin and John McMurtrie and Scottish Landscape Photographer Colin Prior on the Superstage has given the show it's shape and form. We have a number of live shooting stages and the Catwalk stage to showcase the different genres of photography that represent a good cross section of people who daily enjoy photography.

"There are 120+ speakers over the four days at the NEC. There is really no other show in the UK that is this diverse with the range of education on offer. Adobe have really put some amazing seminars and we are very proud of the show. On the super stage we have Rankin, Steve McCurry, Michael Freeman, Joe McNally, Nicholas Hardy, Terry O'Neill , John McMurtrie and Colin Prior. Throughout the show we have the likes of Karl Taylor & Cristian Hough talking on the Hasselblad stand. Lauri Laukkanen, Victoria Grech, Simeon Quarrie, Frank Doorhoff, Bruce Smith and Tina Eisen plus others on the Catwalk Stage - For full listings, do check out the guide here. Over the whole show, from pro to hobbyist , from Fashion to Landscape, flowers to mountains there will be something for everyone at the show. The flower macro shooting garden should be quite the fun place to test out all the new purchases at the show - or the models on the catwalk stage!

"The conference elements are something new also. We have student conferences on the Tuesday (4th) with Trade and Pro photographer conferences earlier in the week, mixing all these sorts of informative elements into a show where people can get hands on time with things like the 55mm Zeiss or the new Fuji X-T1 or the Sigma 50mm should result in a great day out. Because there is so much on at this show, we are highly suggesting people download the app that goes with the show. This way people can plan the show and have a personal schedule to the day. You can download the app here.


"Personally speaking, there are a few stand out highlights at the show. Clive Booth, Rebecca Lichfield, Victoria Grech Simeon Quarrie, which all happen to be people talking on the Catwalk Stage. Clive Booth is coming to the show to talk about the importance of preparation in the photographic, image making world. The importance of understanding story and being ready to shoot, not only in a physical way but a mental way too, his latest project, which is a 4k moving portrait of UK Fashion Designer Henry Holland is a work of art in both a cinematic sense and technological one too. For me, watching speakers who work in the industry as well as speak publicly is key. Rebecca Lichfield is another amazing speaker we have coming down on the Sunday ( 2nd of March 2014 ). I have personally been a fan of Rebecca's work for a long time and the chance to have her on the stage talking about her work is going to be amazing. Her new Soviet Ghosts book ( due mid 2014) is a look into the gloomy yet beautiful world of decay and the life that exists in the old Russian derelict buildings. I first knew of Rebecca as a Fashion photographer, so it will be really nice to explore the changing styles and story of going from one genre to another and then seeing how they fuse together into a stunning body of work. Having people like Simeon and Victoria at the show was very important to me also, Both these amazing photographer have bags of talent and amazing business at the core. Simoen is talking on the subject that not all weddings are the same, and in today's world, not all brides do in fact where white dresses. In the UK and globally we are coming more integrated with other religions and faiths, working as a wedding photographer and film maker, Simoen will be discussing the needs and unique challenges that can arise from being a multi-faith photographer and film maker. Off the back of the success of the Creative Live shows about video and DSLR, Victoria Grech will be explain why we need to really get to grips with how we can use video to make an impact to your business. All of this is being fused together on a lovely set and mini fashion walks with some amazing designers and designs from the Royal Shakespeare company.


"Working with some of the local colleges and universities has been amazing and I really cannot wait to see the mini production that they are putting on during the Sunday. We have students from the London Collage of Fashion designing, Students from Wolverhampton shooting, MA students doing retrospective talks and the student conference. Working with the Flash Center and Elinchrom has be such a fun process so far and it will be great to see it all come together live on stage.

"For the Trade and Pro photographers, a happy hour and evening are being planned to help with the networking aspects of the show, but the very best thing, that is the wonderful coffee bar that is being installed in Hall 12 next to the Catwalk Stage.

"The Photography Show is a unique event in the UK photographic Calendar and as an image maker I'm thrilled to be given the opportunity to share my most recent photographic and film projects. - Clive Booth

"If people want to know about the Moving Portraits : Henry Holland in 4k with the C500 they can do so here Link , also be sure to check out Rebecca Litchfield's stunning work here.

"Check out the Photographer show website for more info or send some questions via twitter @ukphotoshow. The show is free for trade and working photographers with the Super-stage being £10 per speaker (some of the conferences carry a fee also)"

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I will be going down, it looks like what we have needed in the UK for a while now.