Phantom Camera Slo-Mo For $1000?

Well not exactly but we can still get kinda close. The Phantom camera costs a staggering $118,000 for the body alone which puts it out of the average Joe's reach. The Canon T2i costs just $699 and it currently has a $400 rebate when you buy it with a Pro9000 printer (I love these "free printer" rebates they are doing). The T2i shoots 60fps but has great manual control. Once you shoot your super sharp 60fps you can use software called Twixtor to bring that framerate to Phantom levels. Twixtor costs about $300 and we have used it in a few of our FS originals. Very cool!

More Super Slow Motion [Water] - 550D from Rickard bengtsson on Vimeo.

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That's amazing! I particularly like the shots of the boys jumping off the roof into the sandpit. Whilst it looks good on the internet, any idea what the quality is actually like?

very pretty presentation of mud flying! makes me want to do some of this. What is next when slow mo gets old :O?

@Luke, this is a 720p video. Click HD and watch it full screen.

Anyone know the name of the song in the video? (Link please? )

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ughhh, come on 5d mark ii.... still can't believe 60fps wasn't in the firmware update.

Hey, didn´t knew about Twixtor, I always use Kronos (from the Foundry) for retiming. Anyone used both?


I really am saddened by the fact 5d2 does not do 60fps 720p. But i believe it -may- be hardware not software limitation. 720p might be too much to calculate from FF and output 60fps.

I would really hope i'm wrong and that they actually care enough to firmware it, but i don't think it'll happen. Another 2 years and the 5d3 will be out, t'ill then, could just grab a used t2i. Expensive for a simple option though.

Music is 'Perpettum Mobile' by Penguin Cafe Orchestra...

Am new to dslr video - just bought 5d 2 - so what you're saying is that the video would need to be shot at 60fps in the first place to allow an app like twixtor to slow it down to this extent?

@JD, No, Twixtor will work at any frame rate (we shoot everything at 24p) but of course the more frames you have to work with the better.

I guess they were very durty after this shooting :D

This looks great, we've got this for some of our video work but haven't had a chance to use it.

I love twixtor. A few times I've used it I've noticed distortion problems, since it wasn't done in cam (one of the things that makes having a phantom camera so much more desirable). Still, a great freaking alternative.

stunning. such a beautiful piece of art. wow.

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I noticed that iMovie '11 can now do something similar, and convert 60fps video without losing frames. It still treats clips taken in 60fps as 30fps clips, but when using the slow motion feature, it uses the extra frames during the conversion process. So, you don't have to use other software to accomplish the same thing.

I slowed two clips, one shot in 30fps and one in 60fps, and the 60fps video kept all of the frames. There is a bug, though, that the 60fps videos don't get a "60" badge unless the project is in 24fps... which means it still treats the clips as 30fps until the "conversion" process for slo-mo. I've submitted a bug report so that at least the badges show properly, so that you know what videos are shot in 60fps.

I've read a lot about people using Sony Vegas or JES Deinterlacer to accomplish the same thing, so I thought I would point this out. Especially since the Canon T2i shoots 60fps HD.

Really impressive the quality is incredible...

Does any one know where I can buy a phantom camera?

Sure, it may look good, but NO software can bring a framerate up to phantom levels. That's freakin ridiculous.