Today "The iPhone Fashion Shoot" Is 1 Year Old

On July 4th last year Patrick and I published "The iPhone Fashion Shoot" and we wondered if anyone would like it. At the time was reaching about 700 photographers per day. To our surprise, websites around the world started sharing the video immediately and on July 5th we got over 23,000 visitors. Fstoppers was actually getting so much traffic that we couldn't edit anything or make a new post for 3 days because our server kept crashing.

Although we made this silly video half as a joke, it really made what it is today because the popularity from this single video was enough to gain thousands of loyal readers. It's fun to look back but it also makes me wonder.... what in the world can I do to top it?

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And I don't hate Olympus people... It was just a joke and I picked on many more camera companies but I simply had to cut them for time. You can get killer shots from any camera; period. 

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"It’s fun to look back but it also makes me wonder…. what in the world can I do to top it?"
Sounds like you've got something up your sleeve... :D

Damn! its been a year already! i still remember when you guys ahd posted the las vegas shoot! haha

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iphone wedding lol. 

That was the first time I've heard of fstoppers and have been a fan ever since... I think I might vist this site a bit to much but I'm never disappointed with the content so it's well worth the hours spent!!

That's okay, the joke works best with olympus anyway lol, I dont know any brand thats the butt of more jokes around pros.  Sony could be a close second.

An iPhone wedding would be really interesting, I'm sure you and Patrick could pull it off.

It's hard to top "iPhone Fashion Shoot" in a headline. 

iPhone Wedding Shoot,
iPhone Band Shoot,
iPhone 1 or iPhone 4 vga camera shoot?
Olympus Fashion Shoot (that would get at least 4 views from disgruntled FS readers) and you could link it directly from your iphone video to appease them.
Webcam beauty shoot
Nano G5 shoot. (Hacked or vidcapping frames in post heh)

All awesome ideas.

Of course if you just want a lot of views, anything with boobs should do the trick.

we need more FS originals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be bold for a moment by saying, you will not top this. Your portfolio will get better than it already is, for sure; your video productions more polished. Won't top it. Because no new camera jib move added to a montage or a new lomo action, will replace what you have accomplished and inspired- through this site- for so many photographers and fans. 

What could be better than that? Thank you f.stoppers.

Take a fashion shot with a blackberry :)

Yeah, Blackberries would be a lot harder to do, so much more clunky than an iPhone.

To make it toughest, use a blackberry storm 1.  Those things are ancient the way the firmware was designed.

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Pinhole camera fashion shoot!

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We need an Ad campaign that takes the Fstoppers crew on a road trip to shoot in some remote (read cool) location.  A nice fully fledged project that has us documenting BTS of our journey and all that goes into the shoot. Something that would allow us to showcase all the ups and downs and all the great personalities that make up the Fstopper's team.  All we need is a client or sponsor to step up and commission us, hint hint ;)
I'm looking at you Nikon, Chase Jarvis can't be everywhere at once :P

Perhaps an elaborate trip completely documented on iPhones or even iPods? Idk.

Lee and Patrick, Just out of curiosity, how much visits Fstoppers receives today?

6-8k unique visitors per day

Aye Lee... Can you share who the RETOUCHER was for your iphone images?  I'm looking for someone really good.

His website is in the credits

How about an organised road-trip of fstoppers crew AND readers.  People from across the globe brought together by FStoppers. Pretty epic really.

congratulations Lee and Patrick! You inspired lots of photographers since last year and still inspiring more. Thanks for the great videos! :)

It will be hard to top - not only was the shoot successful, but the BTS video itself was entertaining to watch (I can't even imagine thinking about a second product (the BTS video) in addition to an actual shoot itself -- all you folks who do  How about (for kicks) bring in the most unattractive subject you can find? :)

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Those lights are still $1000s of dollars. How about a photoshoot with an iphone and NO professional softboxes etc? 
I can't even imagine how much is 6 foot octagon costs. 

Its like "Hey look we fitted regular tires on a ferrari and still driving fast!" Of course you still got the ferrari dude. 


I would like to see a shoot where both a DSLR and an iPhone or any decent camera-phone are used so we can compare images side by side. The final results would be interesting to see as re-touching has a huge affect on the end result.

you put the iphone on a $800 tripod (looks like carbon fiber) and there are few thousand bucks lighting equipment i can see in the video, dude its not cheap. you still need tons of money. try a new video and shoot with an iphone without any expensive equipment (gorilla pod is allowed!)

Well said.

It was great being a part of the team for this project. This was the story that was the catalyst to my one on one retouching teaching courses! I owe it all to Lee and Patrick, thanks guys!.

Pratik! Cool to hear that you retouched these! Good job~ And nice to see you here too by the way :)

thats incredible. I remember seeing it for the first time, it seems like so much more than a year. Congrats!

really daulatpur khulna?! thats your complaint? the tripod?  some people man ....

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Every time I watch this video it cracks me up. The one liners are hilarious. "Dude, this can't even shoot raw!"